Keyton | Celebrating Jessica's 16 years of dedication at Brentwood

Celebrating Jessica's 16 years of dedication at Brentwood

Tuesday, 10 October 2023

At Brentwood Retirement Village, we believe in the power of our community and the incredible individuals who make it thrive.

Today, we want to shine a spotlight on Jessica, a remarkable member of the village team who has been an integral part of Brentwood for 16 years. She is responsible for improving the living experience of residents at the Brentwood Retirement Village.

'I like a good challenge'

Jessica's journey at Brentwood has been anything but ordinary. It all started with a call from her mum, who used to work at the village. The then receptionist hadn't shown up for work in a couple of days, and the team were desperate for someone to help out. The then 20 year old Jessica stepped in - and hasn't left since.

From working at the reception to becoming the acting village manager of Brentwood and just recently moving into a new role, Jessica isn't one to turn down a new opportunity. "I've done many different roles over the last 16 years. I love a good challenge," she reflects with a warm smile.

A new chapter begins

Recently, Jessica took on a new role as part of the Property Team. This team is driven by a shared vision to continuously enhance the living experience for the village residents and set new standards of comfort and innovation.

Jessica's keen eye for detail and dedication to resident satisfaction have been vital in guiding the transformation of our community. Her focus is not only on installing state-of-the-art amenities, but also on cultivating an environment that promotes connectedness, choice, and wellbeing for all independent seniors who call Brentwood home. "I think it's really going to enhance the village," she shares enthusiastically.

Her motivation are the residents - and the morning coffee

When asked about what motivates her every day, Jessica's smile gets even brighter. "The one thing I look forward to when I come to work is MuiMui’s coffee at the café," she chuckles. "She makes me a coffee every morning." 

Speaking of her team, Jessica expresses her deep affinity for her team. "We all get along really well," she says.

Above all else, one thing has been the continuous highlight of Jessica's long-standing tenure at Brentwood: Her interactions with the residents. "The residents are always lovely. I've been to a lot of different villages over the years and personally nothing compares to Brentwood. " she says. 

A bright future and more challenges

Looking ahead, Jessica is excited about her future at Brentwood. She's on the path to joining the property team, a move that was inspired by her involvement in the construction and renovation project. "When I started on this project a few years ago, I liked it so much I started my construction degree," she reveals.

Her journey at Brentwood has taken more than one unexpected turn, showcasing her resilience and eagerness to embrace new challenges.

In 16 years, Jessica has evolved from a receptionist to an essential member of the team with dreams of contributing even more to Brentwood. Her story is a testament to the power of dedication, adaptability, and a genuine love for what she does.

Hear from Jess herself in the video below

As we celebrate Jessica's remarkable journey at Brentwood, we are reminded of the immense impact that one dedicated individual can make on a community - and the exciting turns a life can take, if you are open to accept 'a good challenge'. 


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