Keyton | The café that connects Ardency Kennedy Place residents

The café that connects Ardency Kennedy Place residents

Thursday, 16 May 2024

In the leafy suburb of Richmond and the luxurious precinct of Ardency Kennedy Place is Silvs on Kennedy, a boutique café that instantly catches your attention with its bright and modern interiors.

Although open to public, Silvs on Kennedy has a special connection with its Ardency Kennedy Place neighbours. From hosting regular customers at the café, catering for their parties and high teas at the Kennedy Club resident lounge on the 8th floor to providing ready-to-go pre-order meals for takeaway, the café provides personalised care and attention to the residents.

The café offerings

Silvs on Kennedy was opened in October 2023 by dynamic mother-daughter duo Silvia and Susie. Having had experience with cafés and living in Richmond they noticed the area lacked a café serving good coffee and food. No sooner did they begin their hunt for a retail opportunity in the area than they found the perfect location to start their venture - in the Ardency Kennedy Place precinct.

Ever since its launch, the café has set the bar high with its culinary standards. Embracing sustainability, they source locally farmed eggs and freshly baked pastries and desserts in-house, elevating the quality of the food served.

In addition to serving classic Melbourne breakfast options like smashed avocado, zesty chilli scramble, eggs benedict as well as some hearty lunch options such as southern fried chicken burgers and lamb shoulder, the most popular items on their menu are their perfectly flaky cheese and chives scones, delicious sausage rolls and tender calamari.

The interior of the cafe showing the display of food and a barista maker making coffee The boutique café with its bright and modern interiors.

For Ardency residents, with love

Silvs on Kennedy extends their services by not only hosting the residents in the café, but also offering an array of services to ease their daily lives. "The ready-to-go pre-order meals have been a significant hit among the Ardency residents. We offer at least five options that rotate every two weeks which they can take home and we've garnered quite a following. Some are die-hard fans who order weekly, while others indulge whenever they see something irresistible that, let's be honest, no one feels like making at home. The convenience and quality of these meals have made them a staple for many, and we're thrilled to provide such a popular service,” Susie says.

With a focus on community engagement, the café hosts events, private family parties, elegant high teas, sit down lunches and lavish birthday celebrations for the residents. “We are always happy to help with catering, offering everything from high teas to small canapés or pastry platters to sit down meals. We also do lots of private family parties or lunches for the residents in the Kennedy Club,” says Susie.

To ensure the convenience and ease of the residents, the café also provides a coffee loyalty program with every 10th coffee free, free WiFi, a retail shelf with essential items like milk and pasta and a selection of popular newspapers and books to read.

The vibrant community 

With a clientele predominantly of mature age, the café is a bustling hub of regular customers from Ardency Kennedy Place who enjoy sitting outside in the mornings gathering for a coffee and good chat amongst themselves. “We love hearing about all the past work experience our clients have had. The diverse clientele includes someone who built the Chadstone shopping centre, a principal at a popular Melbourne boys high school, an ex-ballerina, a head of the emergency department at leading hospitals, mining tycoons, franchise business builders and barristers. They are all such interesting people with real interesting past,” Susie shares. The café hosts events, private family parties and elegant high teas for the residents.

The future

With a core team of six dedicated staff members and occasional weekend assistance from their granddaughters, Silvs on Kennedy is poised for expansion as demand grows. Beyond its current offerings, the café eagerly anticipates the acquisition of its liquor license to introduce a diverse range of engaging events, including trivia nights, Sunday roasts, wine tastings and more.

As a family-owned establishment, Silvs on Kennedy isn't just a place to dine; it's a meeting hub where residents come together to forge connections and share experiences forming a community. “We offer a welcoming space with happy and helpful staff to have conversations and form connections. It contributes to the vibrancy of the local community and residents, becoming a perfect place for gathering and socialising.”

Learn more about Ardency Kennedy Place

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