Keyton | Brentwood Village's Christmas market

Brentwood Village's Christmas market

Wednesday, 20 December 2023
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This year, the annual Christmas market at Brentwood Village warmly welcomed attendees into a world of festive cheer, lively chatter, and joyful connections.

The event, held on a Sunday for the first time, coincided delightfully with other bustling events in the neighborhood - namely the Avoca markets and the Black Friday sales. Amidst this vibrant local scene, our market served as a gathering spot for the community, radiating a unique charm of its own. True to its history and tradition, the day was filled with excitement, festive delights, and an abundance of beautiful handmade goods, offering more than just a great local shopping experience.

Handmade goods and craftsmanship

The history of the Christmas market goes back more than a decade, starting as an initiative from Brentwood's very own Knit and Natter group. Six years ago, the market expanded to include all hand makers in the village, creating an annual celebration of the creativity and skill housed at the village. 

This year, the market, that is organised by the resident social committee, went another step further, extending an invite to local neighbours to join the fun. 

Vibrant stalls and exciting activities

The market boasted an array of stalls from resident art and craft groups, family connections, and staff connections. Everything from knitters, quilters, handmade cards, woodworkers, the art group, homemade jams, to homemade cakes could be found.

Additionally, other local vendors were also invited, offering jewelry, candles, baskets, and Christmas decorations. The event was not short on entertainment. Face painting, lucky dips, and Santa buggy rides were available, ensuring the kids had a fantastic time.

A cherished day together

Around 300 visitors including external attendees joined this year's market. The general mood was upbeat, and the sense of camaraderie was evident, as most of the stalls enjoyed good sales. In total, Brentwood residents sold 200 sausage sandwiches, and the café delighted patrons with 120 Devonshire teas. A jolly successful and a great start to the festive season.