Keyton | Celebrating 20 years at Townsend Park

Celebrating 20 years at Townsend Park

Sunday, 07 January 2024
20th village anniversary celebrations with residents from Stage 1

As Townsend Park gears up for its 20th Anniversary celebrations, we sat down with Aileen Merrett, a vivacious 91-year-old whose vibrant spirit has been a cornerstone of the village since its beginning.

Embracing community from day one

Among the first residents to call Townsend Park home in 2004, Aileen has witnessed the village blossom from its first stages into the thriving community it is today.

It was a strong sense of community that drew Aileen and her late husband to the village in the first instance. Originally developed and owned by South-Australian based charity Can: Do 4 Kids, it was this affiliation, together with the proximity to their family home, that made Townsend Park an unmissable opportunity for the Merretts to downsize their home.

Moving to Townsend Park gave Aileen a way to embrace an active, social retirement lifestyle with the added benefit of giving back to the local community. She proudly recounts her experiences volunteering in the Townsend Park administration office of Can: Do 4 Kids for more than 15 years.

“Volunteering in the office, it was a great way to get to know everyone, and support the charity at the same time,” she shares.

Other memorable highlights of the past 20 years included serving on various resident committees, organising countless events, and being part of the launch of the village’s impressive community centre. Above all, it's the cherished memories, and welcoming community living that has defined Aileen’s life at Townsend Park.

"It's a wonderful place to get to know people. You never feel lonely, and you can be as involved as you'd like, but still have your privacy," she enthuses.

20 years of shared moments

Together with her neighbours, Aileen is preparing for a special high tea to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Townsend Park’s first stage of homes.

The event will be a memorable chance for residents, past and present to come together, share special memories, and celebrate their contribution to the village community. It will not only mark 20 years of Townsend Park, but also a remarkable 100th birthday for one previous resident who is planning to return for the special occasion.

"Seven of the original stage one residents are still here, and the newer residents in our stage will be coming along as well," she shares, "Everyone is excited to celebrate together!"

A place to call home

Residents of Townsend Park celebrating the 20 Year anniversary

When asked about advice for those contemplating a move to retirement living, Aileen passionately advocates for an early embrace of village life. 

"I really feel that you need to move in when you’re younger, like we did. You make friends and get involved in things. The younger you are, the better you enjoy it," she smiles

Aileen's experience is a testament to the neighbourly, social atmosphere at Townsend Park, where numerous groups, wellness-oriented amenities and a lively calendar of social events enrich the lifestyle of residents.

"I've watched the village grow, and it's always been positive – it truly is a place to call home."

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