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Reward and recognition

Rewards and Recognition

Our Reward and Recognition program is a way for all of us to share in the success of our colleagues and allow us to take a moment to really celebrate the achievements of our people.

  • Recognising and celebrating success is a huge part of who we are as a company, and we offer a wide variety of ways in which we deliver this to our people:
  • Customised Employee Reward and Recognition portal, where you can nominate a peer for outstanding work, and be nominated and rewarded by others for your own outstanding contribution
  • Team specific Awards for those above and beyond moments where your performance has really stood out from the crowd
  • Nominate a friend or relative for a role with Keyton, and if they are successful, be rewarded under our Employee Referral Program 
  • Service Awards which celebrate your commitment to being a Keyton team member, at career service milestones
  • Employee Deals which offer discounted rates across a range of items, and which are being added to all the time

Reward and recognition


We have shaped our Benefits and Wellbeing as an offering that reaches all of our people – whether you work in a Village or in one of our corporate offices.  

We always aim to be a competitive market leader within the Retirement industry – a place that focuses on delivering Reward, Recognition & Benefits programme that engages our people and where best people strive to join us on our journey.

Here are a few of the many benefits we offer as an employer:

Wellbeing: We take care of our people and are committed to providing the best benefits and initiatives to support the wellbeing of all our employees. Through our KeyWell programme, we encourage a culture where you feel empowered to take a proactive approach to your physical and mental wellbeing so that you can thrive and be your best in both your work and personal lives. We lead with heart.

To learn more about our KeyWell Wellbeing Program click here.

Health: Explore Unmind, our dedicated wellbeing platform crafted to enhance mental health. Gain access to personalised one-on-one sessions with therapists and a wealth of content addressing various facets of health and wellbeing.

Flexibility: We are dedicated to creating a flexible work environment that allows our people to live a happy and well-balanced work and personal life.

Development: We support our people by providing continuous learning and professional as well as personal development opportunities.

Recognition: We believe in recognising and rewarding employees who demonstrate exceptional performance.

We embrace the value of a diverse workforce and recognise that our people are unique individuals with different experiences and needs, at various stages of life. To support this, we provide a wide range of benefits for employees to choose from. We continually review our employee benefits to ensure that together, we’re going places.

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