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Employee Safety and Wellbeing at Keyton

At Keyton, we lead with heart and prioritise the health, safety, happiness and wellbeing of our people, creating an environment where everyone feels valued, connected and supported to be at their best.

What safety means to us

We aim to eliminate incidents and injuries across all of our villages and projects. We want our people to return home safely each day and spend time outside work doing the things they love with the people they care about.

Keyton has a well-established integrated environment, health and safety management system thanks to our company history, which we will continue to refine with input from our employees and partners.

Find out more about our Safety, Sustainability and Wellbeing Policy by clicking here.

The six pillars of wellbeing at Keyton

KeyWell, our Employee Wellbeing Program

The six pillars of wellbeing at Keyton

We make room for kindness and give our people the key to their own wellbeing. We consider the whole person, designing a range of programs and initiatives to support and unlock our employees’ complete wellbeing – physically, socially, mentally and emotionally.

Employee wellbeing is very important to us. That is why we have developed the KeyWell employee wellbeing program, based on our 6 pillars of wellbeing.

Contact the team

Kara Pisani, Head of Safety and Wellbeing at Keyton

Get to know the team behind our commitment to safety and wellbeing.

Kara Pisani 

Head of Safety, Sustainability & Wellbeing

James Kinsella

National Systems and Assurance Manager

Jason Perin 

National Employee Injury & Wellbeing Manager

Kara Pisani, Head of Safety and Wellbeing at Keyton