Keyton | Come live a little: The Inspired Retired Living event series

Come live a little: The Inspired Retired Living event series

Friday, 12 April 2024

Retirement can be a time of exploration, self-discovery and creativity.

To prove exactly that, we recently held a variety of unique events under the umbrella theme of 'Inspired Retired'.

The events across New South Wales and Victoria highlighted the diverse activities that are available to you in retirement and embodied the philosophy that life continues to get better with age.

From reliving favourite movie themes from the 60s to learning about gardening and embracing creativity through painting, each event was unique, providing a platform of learning and socialising.

Here's a glimpse into the array of events that took place:

Henry Kendall Gardens had a musician play some of the greatest movie themes from the 60s

Relive the 60s at Henry Kendall Gardens

The Henry Kendall Gardens retirement community in Wyoming, NSW presented an inspiring event where attendees relived their favourite movie themes from the 60s. The community, with its beautiful landscaped gardens, was a perfect setting for an afternoon filled with music, nostalgia and camaraderie. The event featured exclusive musical entertainment by musician Dorian Mode, bringing back fond memories with classic movie theme songs including James Bond, Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond.

Explore Henry Kendall Gardens

Coastal Waters welcomed a swing band for the Inspired Retired event

Embrace the rhythm at Coastal Waters

At Coastal Waters in Worrowing Heights, NSW , residents and visitors alike had the chance to indulge in the smooth sounds of swing music. The community, located near scenic St Georges Basin, provided the perfect setting for the Paul Sun Swing Trio, enabling attendees to embrace the rhythm of retirement living. Residents and guests alike loved the smooth sounds of swing - with some even hitting the dance floor!

Explore Coastal Waters

Bec Wilson spoke about how to have an epic retirement

Discover your 'Epic Retirement' at Brentwood Village

Brentwood Village in Kincumber, NSW held an exclusive seminar conducted by Bec Wilson, a renowned columnist and author of 'How to have an Epic Retirement.' Attendees delved into a fruitful discussion about practical steps to living a longer and financially confident life post-retirement. Bec Wilson emphasised that now is the time to choose what you want to do with your time, and shared her 12 ways to make retirement more epic. This included some great senior travelling tips and further advice on how to live life to the fullest.

Explore Brentwood Village

The Oz Boys on stage at the Inspired Retired event

Dancing to the tunes at Classic Residences

Classic Residences in Brighton East, Victoria set the stage for a swingin' good time. The 'Oz Boyz - Australia’s Boys of Motown' brought their contemporary renditions of soulful Motown tunes to the community, getting everyone on their feet and dancing to the beats.

Explore Classic Residences

Costa Geogiadis spoke to gardening enthusiasts at Forest Hills

Meeting a green thumb at Forest Hills

Forest Hills' event in Nunawading, Victoria gave attendees a chance to connect with Costa Georgiadis, a renowned author and landscape architect. Geared with tips about planting, pruning and blossoming, visitors left feeling inspired about their next venture in the garden.

Explore Forest Hills

Residents painting at the Inspired Retired event at Lexington Gardens

Unleashing creativity at Lexington Gardens

Lexington Gardens in Springvale, Victoria provided an enjoyable and artistic setting. The attendees indulged in a 'Pinot & Picasso' masterclass, stepping into the world of arts and crafts and letting their creative juices flow freely.

Explore Lexington Gardens

These events underscored the belief that in retirement, every day is an opportunity to discover, learn and connect. Kudos to the inspiring 'Retired Inspired' series for proving that age is just a number, and that the spirit of learning and enjoying life continues to grow even in one's retired years. 

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