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Serviced Apartments

Embrace your independence with our support

Imagine the freedom of independent living – but you don't have to shoulder every task alone! Discover the perfect blend of freedom and support by moving into a Serviced Apartment. 

Available across 12 Keyton retirement villages in Australia, living in a Serviced Apartment is like having a helping hand by your side to make your daily life easier and more enjoyable.

Serviced Apartments provide support and assistance when you need it with nutritious meals, cleaning and heavy laundry services, and a 24-hour emergency call system.

Whether you're happy relaxing at home, have a busy social life, or you're still working in some capacity, our Serviced Apartments are designed to support you and your individual retirement lifestyle.

Make a confident choice with a Keyton Serviced Apartment.


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Serviced Apartment benefits

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What's in it for you

Did you know that living a socially connected life impacts your lifespan twice as much as physical exercise? An engaged social circle and active community involvement promote a healthier and longer life – and a much happier one! It is also no secret that having a supportive and active community around you reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation.

With supportive staff and additional safety measures on-site, you are sure to always feel secure.

Watch the video and hear it from Serviced Apartment residents themselves

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Lynne’s loving her Serviced Apartment

Serviced Apartment

“I found the downsizing from a big house with lots of kids to an apartment very liberating."

Upon moving into her Serviced Apartment, Lynne found her new life packed not with luggage but with liberation.

"The lovely thing about moving into the Serviced Apartment is you no longer need an ironing board, an iron, a washing machine, or 15 salad platters. You don't need saucepans. You don't need cake tins. You don't need 500 sheets. You don't need 50 towels."

Serviced Apartment

Here's how it works

Trial Stays

A convenient, comfortable lifestyle

Try it before you move in

Curious to learn more about your future in a Serviced Apartment? 

Take the first step towards a vibrant, independent lifestyle and join us for a trial stay! Immerse yourself in the warmth of village life. 

This is your chance to experience your new home and become a part of a welcoming community.   

Come, stay, and experience a carefree retirement lifestyle in our Serviced Apartments.

Available at selected villages only. 

A convenient, comfortable lifestyle

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