Keyton | 28 years of joy at Brentwood Village

28 years of joy at Brentwood Village

Tuesday, 03 October 2023

Meet Betty, a vibrant 95-year-old whose remarkable journey has woven 28 years of laughter, friendship, and discovery into the fabric of Brentwood Village. 

A serendipitous discovery

Betty's story at Brentwood Village began 28 years ago, a decision driven by a conversation with her friends. "We had friends that were already living here in the village. We came to visit them and thought, this might not be a bad idea. Because they were very happy here."

But Betty's move to Brentwood Village wasn't just a change of residence; it was a whole new chapter in her life. Having been new to the area, she was pleasantly surprised by the breathtaking surroundings and the proximity to the beach. “I had no idea how beautiful the surroundings were. I love the beach and the proximity to the beach. It was a nice surprise to discover those things.”

Community and friendship

One of the standout aspects of Betty's journey has been her ability to forge deep connections with her fellow residents. "It's a very friendly community. I have always felt secure and it was easy to get involved in things. That's the way you meet people and settle in."

"I have always felt secure and it was easy to get involved in things."

Betty and her husband actively participated in the village's activities, creating opportunities to meet new friends. But her contribution to the Brentwood Village community extends beyond friendships. She shared her passion for spinning with fellow resident Margaret, who had a spinning room. After Margaret passed away, Betty continued the tradition, inviting others to join her in this delightful activity. And she also lent a hand backstage during village concerts.

Villas at Brentwood Retirement Village Brentwood Retirement Village features stunning and lush gardens

When asked for advice for those considering moving to a retirement village, Betty emphasises the companionship, the village amenities, activities, healthcare options, and the welcoming atmosphere at Brentwood Village. “I would suggest that they consider it as a possibility. People have said they wished they'd moved in sooner. We came in when we were only in our 60s and that was great. We got good value out of our unit,” she smiles.

It’s the simple pleasures that come with retirement village life Betty enjoys the most: Attending concerts, luncheons, and other gatherings, cherishing each day and the moments she shares with her fellow residents. And when asked if she would do it all again, she quickly replies “Oh, without a doubt.”

Hear from Betty herself in the video below

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