Keyton | 40 Years: Brentwood Village has the right to BRAG

40 Years: Brentwood Village has the right to BRAG

Thursday, 21 September 2023

Known for its lush gardens, pristine lake, and outstanding community spirit, Brentwood Village recently marked its 40th anniversary.

The milestone event was a delightful blend of celebrating the village’s rich past and paying homage to the people who shaped the community, including the past and present members of the resident committee, aptly called BRAG.

The vision of a Dutch dreamer

Brentwood’s story starts in 1982, when construction of the village officially commenced. By April 1983, the first residents had already moved in. The original cottage on the property transformed into the sales office and the first gathering place for residents. 

The village's original owner and builder, a Dutch visionary, had an extraordinary dream: He envisioned a picturesque lake adorned with geese and ducks and took it upon himself to plant numerous trees in and around the area. 

His vision eventually became reality. Today, one of Brentwood Village's most prominent features is its stunning gardens, which have earned accolades from Gosford Council multiple times, as well as the lake that forms the centrepiece of the village.

The lake at Brentwood is the village's centrepiece The lake at Brentwood is the village's centrepiece

Putting on a show

From the very beginning, Brentwood Village has had a strong creative spirit. The village's own auditorium originally featured a stage with dressing rooms and even a green room for pre-show preparations. 

Residents had closets full of costumes for the various shows they created and performed in. The costumes were eventually donated to local theatre costume departments, but the village hall, with its impressive size and improved acoustics, remains one of the outstanding features of the village. The perfect place for celebrating the 40 year milestone.

The right to BRAG

Community-mindedness has always been a hallmark of Brentwood Village's residents, and it was no surprise that not only the village celebrated 40 years, but so did the resident committee, BRAG. 

The Brentwood Residents Activity Group, or BRAG in short, has been the driving force behind fostering a sense of fellowship and friendship among residents. Over the years, BRAG has been instrumental in supporting and entertaining the residents in countless ways. ‘Their commitment to the village is truly something to brag about,’ said new committee president Lorraine in her celebratory speech. 

 ‘Their commitment to the village is truly something to brag about,’ 

But the committee has not just focused on bringing the resident community together. Over the years, they have also raised substantial amounts of money for local charities such as Coast Shelter and the Wesley Mission Aunties and Uncles program. As Lorraine put it, ‘Their dedication to giving back to the wider community is a source of pride for all who call Brentwood Village home.’

A vision for the future

Bernie, the village manager, also shared some heartfelt words during the recent celebration, reminiscing about the village's early days and its journey to becoming the thriving community it is today.

Village manager Bernie and resident committee president Lorraine giving a speech at the 40 year anniversary of Brentwood Village Bernie and Lorraine both gave heartfelt speeches

‘I am certain that Brentwood will continue to thrive for at least another 40 years,’ he said while addressing the packed auditorium. 

Brentwood’s 40th anniversary celebration was not just a reflection on the past but a vibrant testament to the enduring spirit of its residents. The village's picturesque gardens, the serene lake, and the unwavering dedication of its residents and committees like BRAG all contribute to making it a true oasis on the Central Coast. 

As we look forward to the next 40 years, Brentwood Village remains an inviting, welcoming, and beautiful place to call home. Cheers to the past, present, and future of Brentwood Village.

Check out the video below to see more moments from the celebration.


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