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Celebrating 40 years in Woodlands

Thursday, 13 April 2023

For almost four decades, June Neal has called her elegant villa, in the centre of leafy Parkland Villas Woodlands home. As the village community recently celebrated the 40th Anniversary of its opening, we caught up with June to learn more about her retirement lifestyle.

“I’ve been here 36 years, and time has flown!” June told us, “I love my villa, I love all the people, it’s a very easy life.”

It was the opportunity to be part of an active, social community that drew June and her late husband, Harry, to village life.  

“I like the community spirit. There’s always something on, people around, there’s never been a day when I’ve regretted moving here.”

A friend told them about the village in 1987

The Neal’s decided to downsize to Parkland Villas Woodlands in 1987, after getting to know the village through a friend who had purchased a villa. One day, on a regular visit, June and Harry heard about a home for sale.  

“Harry said, ‘Let’s have a look,’ and so we did,” said June.

“We liked it, we bought it, and a few months later, we moved in.”

Over the years, June and Harry enjoyed experiencing the village as it grew from a small neighbourhood to the expansive, vibrant community it is today.  

“Our first impression of the village was that it had a nice feeling about it. As it grew bigger and bigger and all the new people came in, they were all nice people!”

Making lifelong friends

June’s eyes sparkled as she reminisced about the past 36 years, with tales of memorable events and celebrations at the village, enduring friendships, and the camaraderie of the groups she has been involved in.

“We made lots of friends over the years, there were many regular occasions to get together and have some fun. I’ve got very fond memories,” she smiled.

As founding members of the village bowls group, June and Harry enjoyed the sport over many years.

“We were keen lawn bowlers both in and outside the village, our life was around bowls.”

For June and Harry, retirement living also enabled a convenient and secure base from which to embrace the opportunity to travel far and wide in their caravan.

“We spent every winter in Broome, it was wonderful to be able to lock up and leave.”

The community support you need 

Since Harry’s passing nine years ago, village life has ensured June never feels alone.

“I have my wonderful family, who I see a few times a week, but you need never be lonely here,” said June, “There’s always someone around.”

“I go out on to the (Village Centre) deck for a coffee, and I might be there on my own for a little while, and then suddenly someone appears and before long we have a full table,” she laughed.

While June feels happy knowing that her close-knit, caring family live close by, the community at Parkland Villas Woodlands also offers her peace of mind.

“I can go to the Village Manager if I ever need anything. I have very good friends in the village, they look after me a little bit… make sure I join in activities – it’s nice to have wonderful neighbours.”  

As a veteran of the retirement lifestyle for close to forty years, June encourages retirees of any age to consider village life.   

“I’ve never regretted moving here,” she said, “It’s easy living, and I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Learn more about June's life at Parkland Villas Woodlands in this video:

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