Keyton | Shaping the Future with Resilience and Passion: A Conversation with Jason Perin

A conversation with Jason Perin

Monday, 08 April 2024

What makes a company more than just a workplace? It's the people.

The individuals driving its growth, shaping its culture, and embodying its values. At Keyton, we have passionate and dedicated leaders who turn our collective vision into reality every day. One such leader is Jason Perin, our National Manager for Injury Management & Wellbeing, who's been making waves in Keyton with his unwavering commitment and progressive initiatives.

To hear more from someone who calls his role "a dream come true", we sat down with Jason and chatted all about his Keyton journey so far.

How long have you been with the business and how are you finding it?

I've had the privilege of being part of the Keyton team for just over a year now. It's safe to say that this role is a dream come true for me, and my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. I find every aspect of the job incredibly rewarding, from the dynamic and supportive teams I work with, to the overall company culture. While the role can be challenging and demanding, it's precisely that challenge that makes it so fulfilling for me.

What attracted you to Keyton and what do you enjoy most about the business?

What initially caught my attention about Keyton, even when it was a part of Lendlease was the remarkable company culture. It's evident that from our leadership team, led by Nathan, all the way down to our frontline employees, there's a genuine sense of care and passion for what we do. This passion is almost palpable at times and only serves to ignite my own enthusiasm and drive.

What are some of the key initiatives you have been working on?

Within the context of our separation from Lendlease, I've been deeply engaged in several key initiatives. One of the most significant ones is the establishment of our wellbeing program, KeyWell. Our aim is to customise our programs and initiatives to ensure that we foster a sense of unity across the entire team, making access to wellbeing resources equitable for all.

What do you most want to achieve at Keyton?

My biggest want is to create an environment where our employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to excel in their roles. I aim to foster a workplace culture that prioritises employee wellbeing and personal growth. I want our employees to be able to seek help and support without fear of prejudice or ramifications.

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