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A life on canvas

Monday, 28 September 2020

As a passionate artist and master of colour, Helen Whalley loves dressing up for village fashion parades at Lutanda Manor.

As a passionate painter for more than 4 decades, Helen Whalley is no stranger to the paintbrush. She’s painted countless oil canvases over the years, and her creative works adorn the walls of her home.

‘While I definitely wouldn’t say I’m a professional painter, I’ve been lucky enough to have exhibited my work a couple of times. But it’s mostly just a passion,’ said Helen. 

‘I particularly like painting monotones, anything ethereal, really. I love ballet paintings and showcasing the light hitting the body in a Rembrandt sort of style.’ 

When it comes to using her brighter-hued palettes, painting Australian birds is her go-to. And for good reason too. ‘Australia has the best selection of birds in the world, especially parrots. They’re just outstanding,’ says Helen.

Glamour and fashion on the catwalk 

Helen’s love for all things art also shines through in her fashion, and she’s an enthusiastic participant in village fashion parades. 

Helen’s not new to the runway either. Over the past 50 years, she’s been in various fashion events as a model through school, church and now in her retirement village. She loves the fun of strutting her stuff in the biannual fashion parades at Lutanda Manor. 

‘I get to wear beautiful outfits and don’t have to buy them! I feel like a million dollars without actually spending a million bucks,’ Helen said. When it comes to her own wardrobe, there’s nothing she loves more than a statement scarf for winter. ‘You can put a scarf anywhere. On a bag, a hat, a coat, around your neck. It’s fabulous,’ she said. 

Travel favourites and moving to Lutanda Manor 

Besides painting and dressing the part, travel is another passion of Helen’s. Both in Australia and abroad. 

‘My favourite holiday was our trip to Antarctica a few years ago,’ she said. A true artist at heart, it was the pristine colour of the vast landscape that took her breath away. 

She spent her career in the merchant shipping industry in Sydney before retiring and making the move to Lutanda Manor in Pennant Hills. Helen and her husband recently celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary with their children and grandchildren close by. 

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