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A safe and social life by the sea

Wednesday, 05 December 2018

For more than 20 years, Judith’s been enjoying retirement life at The Village Williamstown, in the suburb where she grew up.

When The Village Williamstown opened its doors more than 20 years ago, Judith jumped at the chance to move in.

Judith has lived solo in her apartment since her husband passed away in 2004, but she rarely feels lonely. People who she thinks of as family surround her every day. ‘I wouldn't want to live anywhere else,’ says Judith. ‘I feel so at home.’ 

‘I know all of my neighbours very well. Some of them are my closest friends. I feel safe living here. The Village is always well-lit at night, and we have fantastic security measures in place," says Judith. ‘I could go away on holiday and not worry about a thing.’ 

‘There’s always so much to do, but you still have as much privacy as you would like. It’s really the best of both worlds.’ 

A peaceful ambience in a coastal setting 

The Village Williamstown sits among protected parkland, with a view of the reserve one way and the bay the other. The natural surroundings make for a peaceful ambience and a lovely, picturesque stroll into the town centre. 

‘The Village feels secluded, but it's only a short walk away from the most beautiful little boutiques and cafes,’ says Judith. ‘Every Saturday, a group of us treat ourselves to lunch and wander around the shops. It's a highlight of my week.’ 

The rest of the week, Judith keeps herself busy attending the events she plans as part of the social committee. Trips to the theatre, monthly movie nights, and of course, happy hour every Friday! 

‘There’s always so much to do, but you still have as much privacy as you would like,’ Judith explains. ‘It really is the best of both worlds.’ 

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