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A seaside love story at Elliot Gardens

Thursday, 27 February 2020

This real-life story of finding love later in life could come straight from the pages of a sweeping Hollywood romance. Read on to learn how Tony and Janne fell in love at Elliot Gardens, South Australia.

When villa 91 at Elliot Gardens went up for sale, there was a joyous and happy reason. A very special love story had evolved here in the seaside town of Port Elliot, South Australia. 

After a year of dating, while holidaying on Kangaroo Island, resident Tony Nelson popped the question to fellow resident Janne Waye. 

And the village couldn’t have been happier for them both.

Janne and Tony looking at the camera, smiling. Tony is wearing a suit and tie, while Janne wears navy blue with matching glasses and pearl jewellery. Janne and Tony found love at Elliot Gardens, SA.

Merging lives and merging villas!

Tony and Janne married in a civil service with Janne's daughter and son-in-law as witnesses. So villa 91 went on the market, and Janne moved into Tony's Regent-style villa.

‘We sorted the furniture pretty quickly. But I did discover Janne believes in having vast quantities of clothes,’ said Tony, with a wink in his eye. ‘Luckily, all the villas have very large wardrobes, and she's been able to fill two bedrooms.’

Community support and finding love after loss

The Elliot Gardens community had supported Tony when he cared for his first wife Sue, through the end stages of a serious illness.

‘Janne had been here for 5 years, and we spoke at gym classes from time to time. Occasionally she would ask me how things were going,’ said Tony

‘We were at a gym-goers Christmas breakfast, and I asked her what she was doing afterwards. I  said if you feel like it, come over for a drink on Christmas Eve, and it evolved very happily from there.’

‘Jack, our Lhasa Apso, was my dog, but he's firmly decided he is Janne's dog now. We’re involved in various activities within the village. Eating out is a speciality, as is travelling, particularly overseas.

‘We both feel Elliot Gardens is like living in a resort rather than a retirement village.’

Like living in a resort

Elliot Gardens village is in a beautiful location. It’s just 15 minutes from Goolwa, at the mouth of the Murray-Darling Basin. And the Coorong National Park is only 30 minutes away.

‘We both feel Elliot Gardens is like living in a resort rather than a retirement village. It can be very busy but laid back at the same time. And with more than 20 sporting and social activities, there is always plenty to do,’ said Tony.

‘It’s very social and has a strong sense of community. Residents join in for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, film nights, and organised trips. There's something for everyone.’

‘It really is highly flexible resort living at its best.’

Tony and Janne’s love story is a testament to the power of finding love again and how the support and warmth of a caring community can be life-changing. Their story reminds us that romance knows no age limits, and true love can be found at any stage of life.

Learn more about Elliot Gardens, SA.

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