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A taste of retirement life before it begins

Wednesday, 05 December 2018

Ann moved into The Village Williamstown while she was still working, and she felt at home right away.

Ann always knew she would move into a retirement village in the future. After shopping around for a few years, she discovered The Village Williamstown.

Walking into the sunlight-flooded living room, Ann felt at home right away. Her ground-floor apartment features views of the blooming gardens and parkland reserves stretching out behind the bay. 

‘I often make my decisions by feeling them out,’ says Ann. ‘The first time I visited my newly renovated apartment, I thought it was the one. It felt like home.’ 

‘Living in the village means everything is looked after for me. I don’t need to worry about the gardens or house maintenance.’ 

‘I was quite prepared to move out of Melbourne, but the village’s location was too good to pass up. I work part-time in Armadale and volunteer weekly. Being able to jump on the train and whiz into the city is really handy,’ says Ann. 

‘I plan on reducing my workload over time, but for now, my lifestyle is very busy. Living in the village means everything is looked after for me,’ Ann explains. ‘I don't need to worry about the gardens or house maintenance, and I’m surrounded by a community of people who care about the place they live.’ 

‘I’m surrounded by a community of people who care about the place they live.’

‘Because I’m so busy, I don't get to participate in as many village events as I would like. When I have more time, I’m looking forward to getting more active. Maybe I’ll join Tai Chi or water aerobics class. Or even use the gym!’ ‘

I do attend the bi-monthly dinners and go to happy hour every Friday night, which is always good fun,’ Ann chuckles. 

For Ann, The Village Williamstown is the perfect combination of work and play. But she certainly has her sight set on full retirement so she can enjoy all that the village has to offer. 

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