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A vibrant community centre for Lexington Gardens

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Residents of Lexington Gardens are enjoying a stylish new space for friendship, fun and wellbeing.

At Lexington Gardens, the new community centre inspires community connections and healthy living. From modern furnishings to an in-house stocked grocer, the space is all about easy living for our residents.

‘Our goal was to ensure the community centre felt like home. And that it could promote a healthy lifestyle in a convenient way,’ says Assistant Development Manager Cameron Rees.

Convenience, wellness and a place that feels like home

‘The façade of the community centre has changed quite dramatically. There's a hotel-style lobby, large single-pane windows and the building's freshly painted. The soft furnishings throughout have also changed,’ says Cameron. One of the most exciting additions is the inclusion of a fully stocked grocer. It’s open 7 days a week for residents to stock up on fresh produce. And there’s also a café within the community centre.

A stylish refurbished dining room with upholstered seating, wooden tables and floral The stunning refurbishment of the Lexington Gardens community centre.

‘It's been a positive upgrade, for convenience, but also for health,’ says Cameron. ‘The upgrades have added to the vibrant community that Lexington Gardens is known for. We've seen a lot more residents coming down to the centre to meet with friends and socialise.’ 

‘It’s a vibrant social area where residents can get together with neighbours, family and friends.’

We have fresh produce available at the grocer, delicious food in the café and a real focus on good nutrition,’ Cameron says. ‘And it's a vibrant social area where residents can get together with neighbours, family and friends. They feel proud to call Lexington Gardens their home.’

Social engagement and resort-style facilities

The community centre is the perfect place for residents to meet new people and become more socially engaged. Not to mention the easy access to the many resort-style facilities the village offers.

There's a heated indoor pool and spa, tennis court and gymnasium, along with a licensed bar for functions and gatherings. There's also a library, craft room, and barbecue area, all set within beautifully maintained grounds.

Lexington Gardens Cafe Lexington Gardens Cafe

Our residents are loving their new space where they can come in, have a cup of tea, catch up with friends, or relax with a book. And they can join in as much or as little as they like.

A hive of activity

Today, the community centre is a hive of activity. Some residents swim gentle laps in the indoor pool, while others work out at the gym. A group in the cafe are chatting about the latest village events, while outside, a friendly game of lawn bowls is underway.

Lexington Gardens Swimming Pool Lexington Gardens Swimming Pool

In the lounge, grandparents share precious moments with grandchildren. Close by, the sound of laughter drifts from the craft room where the knitting group work on their latest creations. In the library, pages turn as readers lose themselves in literature.

With luxurious resort-style facilities and supportive neighbours, our Lexington Gardens residents are making lifelong friendships in a vibrant retirement community.

Learn more about Lexington Garden, VIC.

Lexington Gardens Library Lexington Gardens Library

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