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Active connection: Robin and John’s retirement lifestyle

Living your best life in an active and connected community brings happiness and vitality. But John urges, ‘Don’t leave it too late.’

Like many people, John and Robin van Dongens were looking forward to retirement and what their next chapter would offer. After enjoying a caravan trip around Australia, they thought about downsizing from their empty nest. It was time for a home they could lock up and leave whenever the travel bug caught.  

Choosing Parkland Villas Booragoon was simple for the van Dongens. Its location and connection to bus routes, proximity to Westfield Booragoon, and the natural ambience of the village layout made it the perfect choice. ‘When you look at the way Parkland Villas Booragoon is set out, with the gardens, it really pulled us in,’ John said. 

An active retirement lifestyle, please

For Robin and John, an active retirement lifestyle was always on the cards. And the facilities and activities on offer at Parkland Villas Booragoon ticked all the boxes. From cards and crafts to bowls and billiards, there is plenty for residents to get involved with. Robin enjoys swimming and sewing, while John runs the bowls club. They both host the beginner Tai Chi group, run the village kiosk, and play table tennis. 

‘It’s great to have access to all the facilities, like the pool, gym, the bowling green, and not have to have the responsibility of maintaining it.’

‘There are about ten things I do here in the village. Our biggest problem now is finding time to go away!’ John laughs.

As a regular swimmer, Robin always wanted a swimming pool. At Parkland Villas Booragoon, she gets to enjoy the stunning resort-style pool. ‘It’s great to have access to all the facilities, like the pool, gym, the bowling green, and not have to have the responsibility of maintaining it,’ Robin said.  

The ideal community to retire in

It’s not just the organised activities that keep Robin and John active at Parkland Villas Booragoon. They love enjoying the activities and services with like-minded people who’ve become close friends.  

‘The barbecue area is great in the summertime. Sometimes we say to a group of friends, “Let’s go to the barbecue area tonight,” and we take our tea there and sit together,’ said Robin.

Robin is the president of the residents’ association. She often greets new residents and encourages them to join groups and regular social events. Robin says the friendliness of the Parkland Villas Booragoon residents makes it the ideal community to retire in. 

‘You just walk out your door, and there will be someone to talk to,’ she said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the community spirit truly came alive. And Robin and John helped coordinate regular check-ins with neighbours. 

‘That’s the beauty of the place, there’s always someone around. And you’re aware very quickly if you haven’t seen someone for a while,’ said John. ‘Whereas in the suburbs, you may not see your neighbours for long periods of time.’

Living their best lives

While age is limitless when it comes to enjoying the activities and social events at Parkland Villas Booragoon, John and Robin have experienced the lifestyle benefits of an active retirement over the long term. And they encourage anyone considering moving to a retirement village not to wait too long.

‘You’ve got to do it before you get too old,’ urges John, ‘Don’t leave it too late.’

Village life has shaped Robin and John’s retirement in the best possible way. Living in a community where friendship and connection are at the forefront, it's not hard to see why energy and vitality exude from this couple. They truly are living their best lives. 

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