Keyton | Annesley Bowral wins Village of the Year award

Annesley Bowral wins Village of the Year award

Friday, 19 April 2024

Apart from being an amazing place for retirees to thrive and enjoy their lives, Annesley Bowral now has more than one reason to celebrate. Recently, the residents and staff of the retirement village gathered to celebrate after winning the title of ‘2023 Village of the Year’ by Keyton. 

A call for celebration

A garden party was held to commemorate the winning celebrations. There was live music, delicious canapés, followed by a sit-down lunch to celebrate and recognise everyone's hard work that made Annesley Bowral stand out among its peers. 

Nestled in the serene Bowral region, Annesley Bowral is home to 91 residents living in a beautiful environment and a lively community focused on active living. Judy Keast, a resident for 6 years and an active member of the village’s garden community, expressed her delight, saying, “We’re ecstatic! We’re all just a family here.” 

“We’re ecstatic! We’re all just a family here.”

Alison Rosenberg, who has been living in the village for 5 years, wholeheartedly agrees. She expresses, "I love the warmth of the community and the numerous activities available for the residents. I especially enjoy being part of the different communities with other residents."

people having a sit down lunch at Annesley Bowral Residents at the sit-down lunch to celebrate and recognise everyone's hard work

Community focus

Village manager Sarah Dayball proudly reflected on the significance of the award, saying, "It's really nice to come together and recognise our achievements." She highlighted the criteria required to achieve this title which include resident engagement, collaboration and leadership in shaping the culture of the village.

Keyton CEO Nathan Cockerill who also came along for the festivities highlighted the great collaboration between management and residents, and said the decision to award Annesley Village of the Year was an "easy choice." 

Although the festivities for the Village of the Year Award have come to a close, the fun is not over at Annesley Bowral. The village continues to put on an exciting calendar full of activities to keep residents and staff happy and thriving.

Residents enjoying the sunshine at the garden party Residents enjoying the garden party

Learn more about Annesley Bowral

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