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Celebrating women at Keyton

Friday, 12 April 2024

We recently celebrated International Women's Day with Morning Tea events in our corporate offices around Australia.

Set to purple decorations and delicious treats, the female members of the executive management team talked about their career journeys and the women who inspired them along the way.

Leadership and growth

With women making up 65% of the total workforce, we decided to take a closer look at the role women play at Keyton.

We are proud to say that our female workforce is as diverse as it is talented. Women from over 30 different countries contribute to our success, bringing a wide range of perspectives, ideas and cultures into our work environment. 

Head of People and Culture Sarah Van Dyke puts it this way: 

“The contributions of women in our workplace play a pivotal role in our success. Keyton is proud of our female participation, including the high level of representation in the Executive and Senior Leadership teams. We are committed to creating an environment where every team member, regardless of gender, can thrive and excel, knowing that our collective strength lies in our diversity.”

Meet our executive management team

Quantifying success

But we are not just talking the talk. Since 2020, we have celebrated a 51% increase in the number of female promotions.

Another significant milestone in our journey of fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace is the fact that 61% of our senior managers are women. 

This figure is shows the powerful impact of women in leadership roles and Keyton's ongoing commitment to supporting their growth and development.

Understanding and supporting the diverse needs of our workforce is also critical. It's all about providing choices and flexibility. 63% of female employees work full time, whereas 37% prefer part time roles.

 An infographic showing numbers about the female workforce at Keyton

A future built together

Looking at these statistics, it is no surprise that Sarah Van Dyke is proud of her team and their achievements:

"These statistics reflect Keyton's steadfast dedication to fostering a culture that is rich in diversity and ripe with opportunities for all its employees. The commitment to gender equality and empowerment is a continuous journey towards creating a workplace where every voice is heard and every contribution valued."

Moving forward, Keyton remains dedicated to not only maintaining but enhancing this environment of inclusivity and advancement, ensuring that the workforce of tomorrow is even more dynamic, diverse and empowered.

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