Downsizing dos and don’ts

Friday, 23 February 2024

Tips for what to bring, what to leave behind and how to prepare for your new retirement lifestyle in a Serviced Apartment.

Downsizing for retirement means you can simplify your life and fully embrace a new way of living.

And with one of our Serviced Apartments, gone are the days of maintaining a large home filled with appliances, and equipment you rarely used. Instead, you’ll enjoy more time and space for the things you love.

For Lynne Dickson, a resident at Fiddlers Green Serviced Apartments, downsizing was daunting at first, but inevitably proved to be a freeing experience. 

“I have found the cleaning out and downsizing of previously needed appliances, equipment, furniture and general possessions to be quite liberating!” said Lynne.

Here’s Lynne’s tips for what to bring, what to leave behind, and how to prepare for a different way of living.

What to bring


Your Keyton Serviced Apartment includes a bedroom, ensuite bathroom, kitchenette and living/dining space, which you can personalise with your own furnishings and decorations. You’ll need:

•    Bed base & mattress

•    Sheets, pillows and doona

•    Bedside table or chest of drawers

•    Reading lamps

•    A bookshelf

•    A cabinet or dressing table

•    Small desk and chair

•    Sofa and/or individual lounge chairs for sitting room

•    Small dining table and a couple of dining chairs

•    Television set and radio or any other entertainment equipment

Kitchen necessities

While your kitchenette is equipped with essential appliances and storage, you may need:

•    Kettle and toaster

•    Glassware, cutlery and crockery

•    Tea towels and a tablecloth or placemats

•    A few airtight containers for biscuits/snacks etc.

•    Dish mop and dish cloth

•    Small kitchen bin

Personal touches

Don't forget to pack framed photos, artwork or other cherished items to personalise your space and make your own!

What to leave behind

Keyton Serviced Apartments provide independent living with added support when you need it. Your meals, cleaning and heavy laundry services are all taken care of so there’s no need for:

•    Large fridge and freezer

•    Stove and oven

•    Saucepans, cake tins, mixing bowls and all kitchen accessories and appliances

•    Large furniture items like a dining table

•    Washing machine and dryer

•    Iron or ironing board

•    Full-size vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets and other cleaning equipment

•    Maintenance items like a lawn mower, ladders, wheelbarrow or tools

Right size your lifestyle

Downsizing and parting with family belongings can be a challenge, but taking the first step to right size your life for retirement can be incredibly liberating. As Lynne says:

“I readily admit I found it somewhat difficult to downsize and part with items which had been in my family life for a very long time, but I no longer need sandwich platters, saucepans, cake tins, casserole dishes, dinner sets, a vast assortment of drinking glasses, fancy linen, umpteen doona covers and a shed full of tools!”

Find out more about Serviced Apartments.

For more information about the lifestyle and support offered at our retirement villages, call our customer service team on 1800 550 550 or send us an email here.

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