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Driverless vehicle launched at Elliot Gardens

Monday, 06 May 2019

A driverless mobility vehicle comes to Elliot Gardens. And residents have affectionately named it Elliot the Pod.

In an Australian-first trial, a driverless mobility vehicle has come to our Elliot Gardens village. Tech company Aurrigo launched their ‘Auto-Pod’ in partnership with Regional Development Australia. For our residents, the vehicle offers improved mobility and access around the village. 

We believe the trial is the world's first in driverless technology for seniors. And excited residents have nicknamed their vehicle Elliot The Pod. It’s set to showcase how autonomous technology can improve mobility for our 330 residents living in 194 villa homes. 

The pod is a 4-seat vehicle developed by tech company Aurrigo. The company’s Roger van der Lee says it’s the first of many technological advances to assist with day-to-day functions such as mobility. ‘Our aim is to improve the quality of life by providing a mobility service that enables social interaction in every community where we operate,’ said Mr van der Lee.

The vehicle achieves driverless status by operating autonomously through multiple sensor technologies. The battery-powered pod can travel at speeds up to 24 km/h. 

Aurrigo will gather residents' feedback on their real-life experiences with Elliot the Pod. This will contribute to future service and technological developments.

Residents Rene and John Dixon with the Driverless Vehicle and Elliot Gardens in South Australia Residents Rene and John Dixon enjoy a lift to the Community Centre in the autonomous vehicle 'Elliot The Pod'

Elliot The Pod is another great example of how we’re always looking to create sustainable, connected communities. And providing our residents with unparalleled choices and opportunities to pursue active lifestyles.

See Elliot the Pod in action at Elliot Gardens, South Australia.

Learn more about Elliot Gardens, SA.

For more information about the lifestyle and support offered at our retirement villages, call our customer service team on 1800 550 550.

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