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Family is everything

After a break from village life to spend time with family, Lynne’s back enjoying the warmth of her retirement community and the joy of having family nearby.

Lynne enjoyed retirement village life for 7 wonderful years before relocating to live with her family. With 27 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren, Lynne’s move meant she could spend more precious time with her family.

Fiddlers Green resident, Lynne

After 6 years, Lynne’s now made the move back to village life. And we’ve seen just how important Lynne’s family is to her. And her to them. Lynne’s children joined her on her initial inspections of Fiddlers Green in Berwick, VIC, so they could approve of this new chapter together. 

And when her grandchild gave her a hug, it was filled with so much love that it triggered Lynne’s emergency necklace! Lynne laughs as she recalls how impressed she was at how quickly the village team came to check on her. Though, now she takes her necklace off before wrapping her arms around her kids.    

The best of both worlds

At Fiddlers Green, Lynne now has the best of both worlds. After time spent helping her kids with house chores and raising her grandchildren, she gets to put her feet up. Because everything is taken care of in Lynne's Serviced Apartment. And the best part is, she’s still conveniently close to her wonderful family.

During the Victorian lockdowns of 2020, Lynne says she could feel the warmth of the Fiddlers Green community. The continued happy banter boosted her mood. And while they were physically distanced, the community remained socially close. 

Lynne’s brother built her a mini-golf putting green set, which she placed on the lawn in front of her apartment. The green has become quite popular amongst residents, and it’s been a great way to meet wonderful people.

In the peaceful community of Fiddlers Green, Lynne has found both comfort and connection. Here, she can enjoy well-deserved moments of relaxation and community togetherness while delighting in having her family just a stone’s throw away. 

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