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Fast furniture is out and investment pieces are in

Monday, 11 November 2019

How to choose a sofa to stand the test of time and make you feel happy and comfy at home.

After a decade of fast furniture and minimalism dominating the home interiors space, it's time to put the focus back on good quality pieces. 

However, when it comes to choosing a quality lounge suite, it’s hard to know which piece will be worth the investment. But we believe finding the right one will give you a warm, happy feeling every time you see it.

A quality couch to set the scene

When you picture the layout of your living room, the first item of furniture that usually comes to mind is your sofa. And rightly so. It's the anchor piece of the space - and where you and your family probably spend the majority of your time together.”

As the heart of the room, a beautiful, quality lounge suite will set the scene and speak for the area as well as your personal style. 

While a lounge is foremost a functional piece of furniture used for relaxing with a cuppa, it’s also a fantastic blank canvas to splash with seasonal colour.

Go neutral to keep on trend 

Many interior stylists recommend choosing a neutral solid piece that remains steadfast as the trends roll by. While you might decide to keep surrounding soft furnishings simple, it’s easy to up-style your lounge with a bit of colour to suit current styles.

Incorporating timeless colours such as duck egg blue or saffron can be as easy as adding cushions and lightweight throws in various textures. And with decorative cushions on display, it’s easy to swap the old covers for a gorgeous new look as the seasons and styles change. 

Choose a sofa to suit your style and needs

It’s easy to be indecisive when choosing a new sofa or lounge suite. After all, you want to ensure you’re investing your money on a quality piece of furniture that will suit your space, style and everyday needs.

Do you have fur babies sharing your lounge with you? Will it be the gathering space for a big family? Or a simple sofa for the pair of you? Once you've narrowed down what you’ll be using your sofa for, you can move to the next step.

Find the best sofa fabric for your lifestyle

Investing in quality sofa fabrics or upholstery will ensure minimal wear and tear.  This is particularly important in high-traffic spaces like living rooms and high-use furniture like sofas. (Hello, grandkids.)

If a mostly grown-up audience will use your lounge, consider a more luxurious fabric, like Tibetan wool or Belgian linen. You’ll be proud to see a lounge made with some of the best sofa fabrics positioned in the heart of your home. Not to mention, it’ll be a head-turner when guests pop over!

But if grandkids or fur babies will be regular users of your lounge suit, you're better off sticking to more durable sofa fabrics. With something like distressed leather, you’ll be thankful for your wise decision to keep the scuffs and stains to a minimum. Leather also lends itself to feelings of warmth and quality. So this is no less indulgent, just a little more resilient.

Decide if you prefer soft or structured

You want your house, particularly your living room, to feel comfortable and relaxed. But what feels relaxed is different for everyone. Some people prefer a firm mattress to a soft one, and the same goes for sofas.

Deciding on the right structure for your cushions is the final step in choosing your investment piece.

Feather-filled cushions are cosy and luxurious, but they tend to need regular plumping. Foam or fibre-stuffed cushions provide structure but can flatten or bow if not looked after. (Who knew furniture could be so needy!) 

Our clever sofa solution is to use a combination. We recommend feather-filled back cushions for comfort with a foam and fibre base for the structure. This way, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Enjoy your sofa for years to come

At the end of the day, your living room is a gathering space where you make memories with friends and family. So go on and indulge in a little long-lasting luxury. It's sure to bring you happiness for years to come.

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