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Friends share the fun at Kingfisher Grove

When Jenny and Trevor made the move to Kingfisher Grove, friends Robyn and Chris decided to move, too. Now they’re sharing the fun of village life together.

Jenny and Trevor Basford were already considering downsizing when Kingfisher Grove began construction at nearby Jordan Springs. Trevor had mobility issues, and Jenny was finding home maintenance a burden.  ‘We were driving past, and I thought we should take a look,’ said Jenny. 

After seeing what the village had to offer and the plans for the future community centre, the Basfords wasted no time putting down a deposit. They knew right away that Kingfisher Grove was right for them.

While delighted with their decision to move to Kingfisher Grove, their biggest challenge was how to break the news to their friends, the Parsons. 

Jenny recalls,  ‘I said to Trev, “How are we going to tell Robyn and Chris?”’.

Why aren’t we doing something like that?

The Parsons and the Basfords had been friends and near-neighbours for years. Robyn laughed, remembering when Jenny broke the news, ‘I just yelled, “What! You can’t leave me!”’

But Chris had another suggestion and said to Robyn,  ‘Why aren’t we doing something like that?’ 

Robyn agreed, and she and Chris came to look at Kingfisher Grove for themselves.

‘The place was so good. It’s just beautiful,’ Robyn said. ‘From our windows, we look across to a nature reserve with a dam and grasses and trees. Every few days, the emus come through. There were no second thoughts.’ 

Robyn and Chris  smile as they hold their wine glasses in the light-filled modern surrounds of the Kingfisher Grove community centre.Robyn and Chris Parson  say it made financial sense to move to Kingfisher Grove

Chris discovered it also made financial sense for them. ‘One thing that impressed me was when Trevor did a spreadsheet on living here and living where we were,’ he said. ‘It was actually cheaper to live at Kingfisher Grove. Plus, there’s all the restaurants and shops just across the road with everything you need.’

‘There were no negatives,’ said Robyn. ‘It was all pluses.’ 

Sharing the joy of village life together

Now, with both couples happily living at Kingfisher Grove, they’ve continued their close friendship while sharing the joy of village life. Robyn is a member of the resident's committee, and she’s on the gardening committee with Chris. And Jenny is the secretary of the social committee.

‘It’s such a great community. It has a great community spirit. That’s what made it such a fantastic move.’

‘There’s always something happening,’ said Jenny. ‘The beauty is you can do as much or as little of the activities as you want. I walk most mornings around the lake with a few others. We have lovely residents here. If you want to talk to someone, just go for a wander at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon!’

Robyn agreed. ‘It’s such a great community. It has a great community spirit. That’s what made it such a fantastic move.’

Kingfisher Grove has enriched the lives of both couples in profound ways. They have more time to do the things they enjoy while embracing the independence of village life. 

It’s so convenient

‘I have rheumatoid arthritis,’ Robyn explains. ‘So Chris does all our shopping. He goes across in his electric wheelchair with a list and brings it all back, and I put it away. It’s so convenient.’

‘I can go over and back in 12 minutes!’ says Chris, beaming. 

Their transition to Kingfisher Grove was seamless and had good timing. ‘This is it for us,’ said Jenny. ‘We’re glad we did it now and not later. It was a big move and quite tiring, so I’m happy it’s done.’

Knowing there are in-home care packages available for the future gives them peace of mind. But for now, these active retirees are embracing adventure. They’ve been on 3 cruises together and are about to take another one around Australia. 

‘We have fun, said Chris. ‘We’re loving it here. We love Kingfisher Grove and the community and friendship it offers.’

Jenny and Trevor  are sitting smiling in the Kingfisher Grove community centre. Trevor wears a blue and white checked shirt, and Jenny wears a black and white floral printed top. Jenny and Trevor Basford  are loving life at Kingfisher Grove, Jordan Springs.

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