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Friendship, fun and fulfillment at Sherwin Rise

Tuesday, 09 April 2024

Tucked away in the north of Melbourne is Sherwin Rise, is a vibrant retirement village that boasts of equally vivacious residents.

Meet Jenny and Lyn, who have not only found their home in Sherwin Rise but also a true sense of belonging and friendship here. They share their stories of friendship, security and fun that have come to define their lives at Sherwin Rise.

Sense of community

Lyn and Jenny find life at Sherwin Rise reminiscent of simpler times where neighbours knew each other, looked out for one another and shared genuine connections. “When I grew up, we grew up like this. You knew your neighbours, and everybody looked out for you and that’s how it used to be like at my place. The lady over the road would jump in and it was the same, you saw someone on the street, you stopped and talked. So, I am really comfortable living here,” says Jenny.

She also reflects on the sense of community that fills Sherwin Rise, likening it to the close-knit neighbourhoods of her childhood. “I think it is a really great community and there is something happening all the time. My sister will ring me and ask, ‘What’s on your social calendar today? Can I see you today? And I would say ‘Sorry no. I have got Happy Hour later!”

Here, neighbours quickly become friends, and every day brings new opportunities for socialising and connecting. From happy hours to leisurely walks with their furry companions, every moment is cherished in this vibrant community. 

Find out more about the upcoming events at Sherwin Rise.

Comfort and security

The feeling of security is another aspect that Lyn and Jenny value deeply at Sherwin Rise. Jenny recalls, “I think the first night here I slept better than I did in ages because I knew the gate was locked. I knew if I needed somebody there are people around me, so I was really happy with the security.”

The staff at Sherwin Rise go above and beyond to ensure that residents feel supported and cared for. Lyn reiterates, “All the staff in the office, they can’t be any more helpful. I haven’t got a printer set up at home, I went over and used theirs the other day. You know you don’t feel bad going in and asking.”

Strong bonds

It’s clear that Sherwin Rise isn’t just a place to live— it’s a place to thrive. Jenny explains, “You know you don’t want to live out your life lonely, that’s not going to happen here. What’s really funny is we know each other’s appointments, so you are going to go see the dentist this afternoon, and then I will go now when do you have to see the vet? And it is good though because you know everything that goes around, you know…. It sounds like we live on top of each other, but we don’t. You can shut the door and you don’t have to answer.”

From impromptu social gatherings to shared laughter over inside jokes, Sherwin Rise is where friendship, security and fun come together to create a meaningful lifestyle.

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