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Gaye and Doug's love story

Thursday, 04 April 2024

​​​​​​​Love has a funny way of finding you in unexpected places, and for Gaye and Doug Roach, a simple move in the right direction led to something truly special.

One evening, in the Lakeside Village bar, two newcomers to the retirement community unexpectedly hit it off. Little did they know; this meeting would change their lives forever.

Gaye had never pictured herself settling down in a retirement village. When her daughter first suggested the idea, she resisted. 

"I threw a bit of a tanty – I wasn't going to move to a retirement village," Gaye laughs, recalling her initial reaction.

But, after considering downsizing into an inner-city apartment, Gaye looked around and realised high-rise living wouldn't suit her social nature. She wanted a place where she could connect with others, stay active and be close to family. That's when she discovered Lakeside Village Bibra Lake – a community that offered everything she was looking for, and more.

New friends, good times

Gaye and Doug at Lakeside Village

It was only a few months after settling into Lakeside Village that Gaye's path crossed with Doug's at the regular village happy hour event. Doug, who was also new to the village, had chosen retirement living to escape the isolation of single life in the suburbs. 

"I’d downsized to a unit, but I didn’t know my neighbours," Doug shares, "I’d be watching TV or something, not socialising."

A few weeks after making the move to the retirement community, Doug decided to venture out to the village bar one Friday night. Little did he know this simple decision would lead to a chance meeting with Gaye. A fast friendship formed between the two retirees, who found they had many shared interests. 

"It was one of those instant things," Doug recalls, "She stood out to me. You know there’s something going on, but it's too quick to think anything else." 

Gaye adds, "I was fascinated by him. As we became friends, I always felt secure and safe with him. We’d sit together at village functions, and he was helpful with everything, which was nice because I was on my own."

Over a couple of years their friendship blossomed, gradually evolving into something deeper. "I guess, when you find the person that's right, you don't hesitate - we didn't!" smiles Gaye, "We just got married!" 

In November 2023, the couple tied the knot at The Lodge, a community function space within the Lakeside Village grounds, surrounded by friends, family and neighbours.

Gaye and Doug on their wedding day

"The lodge was the perfect place to hold the reception," adds Gaye, "Living in the village, you get a lot of people who just volunteer and help you. So we had people behind the bar just volunteering, you know, serving the drinks. And one of the other residents here is a musician and a very good one. So he played the music."

A new chapter together

Gaye and Doug in front of their new villa

With the next chapter of life beginning for the couple, it was time to find a place to call home – together.  “The planets aligned because I had a unit, Doug had a unit, but this house, a bigger one, came up for sale in the village,” Gaye tells us, “We walked in, and it was perfect, we said ‘Yes, this is us’.” 

Transitioning into their new home within Lakeside Village was seamless. With the support of the village team, Gaye and Doug were able to sell their respective units and move in together within a few weeks. 

“It was quite easy,” explains Doug, “Keyton were extremely helpful with everything, it was very smooth."

Their comfortable villa overlooks natural bushland and manicured gardens from a sunlit rear patio. 

"We just look at the trees and the birds. We put a birdbath out for all the birds and they love it, they come and have a drink," laughs Gaye.

It's clear the couple couldn't imagine living anywhere else, and this new villa is very much their forever home. 

“There's so many things that we like doing. I couldn't imagine living outside the village now,” says Doug.

Gaye and Doug on the couch in their new home

An extended family

For Gaye and Doug, Lakeside Village is more than just a place to live—it’s a place where neighbours have become an extended family. As this couple look ahead to the future, they couldn't imagine it any other way.

“It’s really like an extended family here. We do so much, and it’s lock and leave – if you want to travel you can just lock up and go,” Doug explains.

For those considering if retirement living is right for them, Gaye advises a visit to get a feel for the lifestyle.

“If you’ve got reservations, come to the village, walk around, get a feel of the energy and the vibe of it. Have a chat to a few people, look at a home,” she suggests, “You’ll know if it feels right.”

Doug adds, “Don’t beat around the bush, just do it. Could have done it a few years earlier.”

“Honestly, you know how you hear people say, ‘it's the best thing I ever did’? You know, it really, really was,” smiles Gaye, “I think Doug put it nicely - it is a family. People look out for you here.”

Here their whole love story in the video below:

video thumbnail

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