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Get smart in your home

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

From automated blinds to programming coffee machines, the future is here with smart homes. And they’re not just for the younger crowd.

A shower that turns on as you open the bathroom door and uses voice commands to reach the right temperature...

A coffee machine that wakes up when you do and pours your preferred cup before you get to the kitchen… 

Lights that activate as you enter and leave rooms... 

Heating that adjusts to your body's needs without you having to touch a button…

A TV that tracks your viewing patterns and suggests what to watch based on what you like… 

A fridge that monitors how much milk you have and automatically orders more so you never run out…

A device that detects water leaks from your washing machine or in your bathroom, so you can fix the problem before it's too late…

It might all sound like something from The Jetsons, but this is the reality of the smart, automated home.

The connected home is your own personalised, curated sanctuary. A place where your home communicates with you, saving you time, money and effort. 

A man in a blue checked shirt sits next to his wife in a khaki shirt. She’s holding a tablet device, which has become a standard item for operating modern smart homes.Using a tablet device is an easy way to operate your modern smart home.

Where to start for your smart home

Transforming your home into a smart home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The new wave of digital automation can give you more control over your home technology and make your life easier. If you’re wondering where to start, installing a smart speaker or home hub is a good first step. 

These devices allow you to:

  • create shopping lists

  • listen to the news

  • ask about the weather

  • make phone calls

  • keep track of your diary (and anyone else in the family who is connected)

Some even do the shopping for you by connecting to an online delivery service. A home hub can sync your devices and connect to security cameras, heating, and even lighting.

Think about what you currently own. Are you an Android user (usually a Google or Samsung phone), or do you have an Apple iPhone? 

The key to a well-connected home is to make sure everything is compatible with each other. If you already have a smart device, such as Telstra Smart Home or Google Home, you may want to buy more products in these ranges, so they can 'speak' to each other.

What does your smart home need most?

Beyond the speaker or home hub, think about your habits when it comes to using other smart devices. 

How often are you at home? If you like your creature comforts, you could invest in smart interiors. Consider smart lighting, heating and entertainment. And if you're a frequent traveller, security may be your biggest concern.

Do you like to spend hours cooking? A smart fridge might be for you. If you're a gardener, there are smart gardening systems available, with more on the way.

Audit your devices

Do an audit of the devices you use most often. You could start by investing in smart versions of these. If you're the sort of person who's always wondering if you left the iron on, you can add a smart plug to your devices to turn them off remotely. Or think about products like a smart water leak detector.

A cylinder timber Amazon Alexa Echo speaker sits on a kitchen bench.Smart speakers like this Amazon Alexa Echo are a common feature of smart homes.

The future is in your hands

While it might seem overwhelming, smart home automation is about using technology to help your home better suit your needs. It could be as simple as:

  • a voice command to add bread to your shopping list

  • cooking by following auditory instructions

  • using gestures to turn devices on and off

  • installing motion sensors to alert loved ones if you become ill. 

These days, your home can be as high-tech or as low-tech as you like. And it's easy to dabble in these devices or go all out with full-blown automation. The future is in your hands. 

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