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The Health and Wellness expo at Hibiscus Noosa Outlook

Monday, 23 October 2023

Hibiscus Noosa Outlook hosted the annual Health and Wellness Expo as part of its wellness program. The village’s much anticipated event was about promoting the health and happiness of the residents and their friends and families.

This year, the expo featured 17 diverse stalls, including a pharmacy, age care services, hearing specialists, travel experts, Noosa Council representatives, and a delightful assortment of gift vendors. 

The event

Approximately 60 people attended the event. Everyone at the event acquired a wealth of information from the various stalls. The stalls’ representatives engaged and provided the residents and the guests with demonstrations and knowledge of their offerings. Some of the day’s highlights were the soothing massages and enticing tarot card readings, which the residents thoroughly enjoyed. As everyone held their coffee cups, the atmosphere buzzed with conversations, laughter and contentment.                      

Tarot car reader in a session with a resident The Tarot card reader was a big hit with the residents

Health is wealth

The village team is indispensable in promoting wellness activities throughout the year. Following a carefully curated national wellness calendar, the team work towards bringing many of these events to the residents and adapting them to their needs. 

“The popularity of these events has grown yearly, mirroring the increasing attendance. The knowledge and resources the residents gain from these gatherings empower them to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellbeing, enhancing their overall quality of life”, says senior village manager Colleen Macmillan. 

Dedicated team

Colleen continues, “Our team embodies diversity in our daily roles, each member wearing many hats to ensure the smooth operation of the village. Every day ushers in new challenges, but the inherent rewards and the resident community's warmth keep our team inspired.”

friendly chatter The residents of Hibiscus Noosa Outlook thoroughly enjoyed the event

Upcoming events

The residents of the village have an exciting line up of events to anticipate. “Music on Your Mind” will host a live entertainment show in November. December will usher in the Christmas markets, boasting homemade crafts, a sizzling sausage lunch, and mince pies – a delightful way to embrace the holiday season.

Learn more about Hibiscus Noosa Outlook

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