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Heartwarming stories from Viewbank Gardens residents

Wednesday, 11 October 2023

When it comes to finding a place to call home in your golden years, it's about more than just a retirement community—it's about finding a community that embraces you like family.

Viewbank Gardens Retirement Village has become precisely that for residents Pam, Tom, and Trish—a cherished home filled with friendship, natural beauty, and a profound sense of belonging.

Trish's serendipitous journey to Viewbank Gardens

Trish's path to Viewbank Gardens started with a fortuitous encounter at a bus stop. As she recounts, "I noticed a gentleman heading towards the bus stop and thought he must live here. I introduced myself to him and asked if he liked living here. His response? 'It's good.'" 

That gentleman turned out to be Tom, who, along with his wife Pam, has made Viewbank Gardens their beloved home for over 9 years.

What makes Viewbank Gardens special

What truly sets Viewbank Gardens apart from other retirement communities is its unique atmosphere—a country village where everyone looks out for each other. Pam and Tom explored several retirement villages but found them too large and impersonal. 

Pam explains, "They felt like suburbs. But here, some of our neighbours' children went to school with ours at Viewbank College. It's like coming home to familiar faces." Trish agrees, adding, "Not having a pool didn't bother me. I believe in paying for what suits you. We still have our privacy, but we also have a community centre where we gather."

"I wouldn't trade it for anywhere else."

Tom laughing with some other residents of Viewbank Gardens Tom especially likes the amenities surrounding Viewbank Gardens.

A haven for golfers and nature enthusiasts

Tom, an avid golfer, appreciates the amenities surrounding Viewbank Gardens. "There's a golf course just over the hill, and another one at Strathallan, only 10 minutes away. It's perfect," he shares. Trish adds, "And the beautiful bushland in the area offers walking paths with marvelous views. You might even spot some kangaroos. There's also the river, where you can take a scenic stroll or bike ride."

Pam's family is overjoyed with her decision to make Viewbank Gardens her home. She happily shares, "Every day, I tell my son how much I love living here. He agrees and says it was the best thing I could have done. They all live nearby, just 15 to 20 minutes away."

A vital part of what makes Viewbank Gardens so exceptional is its dedicated manager, Dan Murtagh. Pam sings his praises, saying, "Dan is the best. He came at a challenging time when he was placed in the garage or craft room, with only a portaloo for a toilet. Now, he has an upgraded area. But whenever there's an issue, you can count on him. Just send a message, and he's on it. Truly remarkable." Trish chimes in, "He's a man of his word."

Community spirit shines through challenges

Even in the face of challenges, the unwavering sense of community at Viewbank Gardens prevails. Trish recalls a time when the community centre was undergoing renovations, saying, "No social activities, nothing. But we made the best of it with a sausage sizzle in the garage. People came out and had a great time. And thanks to Dan, we even had a coffee machine. Happy hour in the garages was another highlight. It takes a fantastic community to organise and enjoy such moments."

When asked to describe Viewbank Gardens in a single word, Trish enthusiastically chooses "Fantastic." Pam concurs, adding "Friendly" to capture the essence of this welcoming retirement community.

A heartfelt invitation to Viewbank Gardens

With nine years of experience, Pam warmly invites those considering joining the Viewbank Gardens community, saying, "Definitely move here. I haven't had any trouble in all these years. It's a friendly place where you accept people for who they are, and we all come together to create something truly special."

At Viewbank Gardens, retirement is more than just settling down—it's about embracing a vibrant and supportive community where new friendships bloom, and old ones are treasured. Welcome to a place where you can savour the golden years of your life, surrounded by warmth, connection, and choice.

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