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How colours can affect your mood

Friday, 29 November 2019

Find out how your interior colours can create a calming oasis or an energised interior, and how the right colours bring everyday happiness to your home.

Can colours influence our moods? We already associate many emotions with colours. Think of sayings like 'green with envy' or 'seeing red'. The connection between mood and colours seems undeniable. 

But you don't need to rip up the carpet or renovate the bathroom to create good vibes in your home. All it takes is a fresh lick of paint and knowing how to combine colour and texture.

If you want to set the mood, follow this handy guide to incorporating colour into your home.

It's long been questioned whether colours influence our moods, but given we associate many emotions with colours - 'green with envy' and 'seeing red' when angry - the connection seems undeniable.

Instead of spending hours poring over paint charts, follow this handy guide to incorporating colour into your home.

Paint palette

A neutral complexion is wonderful for small spaces because it makes the room seem more expansive due to simplicity. Neutrals can reflect natural light off the walls, creating a warming glow. Whites, greys, browns, and beiges evoke feelings of calm, cleanliness, and safety and offer a subtle backdrop rather than a focal point.

Choosing to decorate rooms in bright hues can be a daunting task, but there's something captivating about spaces exploding with colour. Duck egg blues, saffron yellows, and sage greens are perfect for people who love a dynamic and uplifting environment. These shades usually increase energy and creativity levels.

Pretty pastels combined with white trimmings on the other hand, make for a touch of elegance in your home. Soft pinks and blues are easy-on-the-eye and subsequently give off soothing cues. Trickle some of these pretty pastels into your traditionally white bathroom for an extra-relaxing soak in the tub.

Textures and soft trimmings

Cushions might be small, but they can make a big difference in how a room looks and feels.

Colourful cushions with tassels, texture and frilled accents can add a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral room. If your room is large and bright, darker pillows can create a sense of cosiness. Don't be afraid to pattern clash either for extra interest.

Top tips:

  • Layering cushions of different sizes will create a sense of depth
  • Artwork is a fantastic conversation starter and a fabulous use of colour to-boot
  • Table runners are easy to swap out depending on your mood and adds a great pop of vibrant interest.

Feature walls 

No matter the budget, feature walls are a great way to add a splash of colour - light or bright - without resulting in a colourful eyesore.

Don't forget feature walls aren't limited to the bedroom or lounge room and don't have to just be a coat of paint, but can involve a range of materials, such as wallpaper, timber, tiles, and brick.

Natural touches

The beauty of greenery and foliage is it complements every colour scheme. Whether you introduce native foliage like blue gum bundled into a vase or a hardy potted indoor plant like a rubber tree, leafy accents will make any room feel lively, and bonus - they help to purify the air. How Zen!

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