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In this together

Australia acknowledges National Reconciliation Week each year from 27 May to 3 June.

This is a time for all Australians to pause, reflect and learn about the history and culture of First Nations peoples, and explore ways we can continue to shape Australia into a reconciled nation.

2020 has significant milestones for National Reconciliation Week, marking 20 years of operation for Reconciliation Australia and the twentieth anniversary of the reconciliation walks in 2000, where everyone came together to walk on bridges and roads across the country to show their support for an equal and unified nation. 
This year's theme for National Reconciliation Week is In This Together. The message resonates on many levels today and is a timely reminder that we're all in this together. There is no greater time than the present to learn from the past and grow our relationship with one another for the future. We can continue to foster a sense of unity in our lives today and grow our understanding and acknowledgement of First Nations culture. 
Although celebrations are conducted differently this year, you can still get involved in National Reconciliation Week through learning about the local First Nations communities from the land you live and work on, and sharing this knowledge with your family, friends and colleagues. 
To see a map of the language, tribal or nation groups of First Nations Peoples, visit the AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia.
For more information on National Reconciliation Week, visit:

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