Keyton | Keperra Sanctuary resident publishes poetry book

Keperra Sanctuary resident publishes poetry book

Tuesday, 31 October 2023

Mocco Wollert's poems and short stories have been widely published in literary magazines and newspapers and she has won numerous prizes in literary competitions.‚Äč

Keperra Sanctuary resident Mocco sitting amongst some indoor plants

A love for poetry

Mocco migrated to Australia from Cologne, Germany in 1958 barely speaking any English. With her determination to learn English, it only took a few years and she started writing poetry in her new language. 

Many of the poems reflect her European background, showing deep emotion as well as humourHer love of animals is represented in many animal poems, like this one about Noah, the British Shorthair cat:

Noah, the British Shorthair cat

He makes black a colour to love,

yellow eyes light his face,

like twin candles flickering in the night.

He fulfils that human need

to stroke soft fur, hear that purr.

He purrs whole symphonies

whenever I pick him up,

so ready to snuggle into arms

he still remains his own cat.

He is so much more than just an old cat,

he is a cat that steals everyone's heart.

JuXtapositionsLife and Universe in Poetry 

Mocco has just recently published her newest book, called 'JuXtapositionsLife and Universe in Poetry', which is now available for purchase on Amazon.

This collection of her published and prize-winning poems is honest and written straight from the heart. It will take the reader from bustling Australian cities, to the Outback, showing her love of her new country. From romantic, deeply personal poems, Mocco shares her feelings and perceptions, including addressing current issues in an everchanging world.

She has published 10 poetry books. Her memoir about her life in Darwin, entitled BLOODY BASTARD BEAUTIFUL was published by the Literary Society of the Northern Territory in 2017.

Resident Mocco's new book called JuXtapositions: Life and Universe in PoetryMocco's new book

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