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Learn the secrets to successful retirement

Friday, 24 August 2018

An insightful series of free masterclasses from Keyton designed to answer the big questions about retirement living.

Anyone who lives in a retirement village can probably tell you about the benefits; the low maintenance lifestyle, the socially vibrant atmosphere, the facilities that inspire an active life.

But you might not hear about the questions or apprehensions they had before they settled into their community. Like any change in life, there's often hesitation to make decisions without having all the answers - and rightly so. There may be confusion around contracts, uncertainty about money, stress at the thought of downsizing, or even simple curiosity about what a typical day might bring.

Keyton's line-up of free Retirement Masterclasses aim to dispel the myths, answer the questions and tackle all the big topics around retirement living. Presented by the host of Selling Houses Australia, Andrew Winter, and Principal of Aged Care Gurus Rachel Lane along with a panel of guests, these sessions will offer frank and refreshing insights into everything you or your children could possibly want to know. Both Andrew and Rachel have a wealth of experience and will share their knowledge of retirement living and all that it involves, so you can make informed decisions about the type of lifestyle you want for your future.

It's an initiative designed to offer a transparent look at village life: what it entails, what to expect and the journey you might take before you make any decisions. Whether you're interested in learning how a retirement village operates, want to understand contract options, discover the secrets of successful decluttering or get your head around the finances, there's no question too great, or query too small.

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