Keyton | Serviced Apartments: Spend the day with Lynne

Serviced Apartments: Spend the day with Lynne

Wednesday, 21 February 2024

Retiree Lynne shares a typical day in her life at her Fiddlers Green Serviced Apartment.

With the perfect blend of independent retirement living and helpful services tailored to make life easier, our Serviced Apartments blend independence with support just when you need it.

Take a stroll through life alongside Lynne Dickson, as she shares a typical day as a resident at her Fiddlers Green Serviced Apartment in outer Melbourne.

Start the day right

First up is breakfast, a spread of cereals, fruit, and toast, prepared by the village chef and delivered right to Lynne’s door. 

After enjoying breakfast in her kitchenette, she takes a shower in the modern ensuite bathroom and enjoys time in her cosy apartment. Flipping through the morning paper, Lynne plans the day ahead. 

Living in a Serviced Apartment means saying goodbye to daily tasks like cleaning and piles of laundry. Instead, Lynne has welcomed a lively social life with plenty of ways to get involved in the community and embrace her hobbies and interests.

“There are wonderful services provided,” says Lynne, “I have found this type of assisted living to be very similar to living in my own home (be it rented or owned) but employing someone to do your cleaning and cooking.”

Life at your pace

As the team collect her breakfast tray and prepare to give the apartment its weekly clean, Lynne heads out to the village community centre to catch up with her neighbours.

“You can confidently leave the cleaning team to refresh your apartment to its sparkling condition whilst you occupy yourself with something much more relaxing!” 

This morning she’ll be exercising her vocal cords by joining in the village singing group, followed by a fun-filled quiz session - with prizes!

On other days, Lynne stays active with a regular schedule of classes and time to pursue her hobbies. With everything from University of Third Age courses, craft sessions and book club meetings, to bus excursions and activities like exercise classes, bowls, golf and gardening, it’s easy to be busier than ever!

Midday already?

Fiddlers Green dining room with floor ceiling windows and lots of tables and chairs

Before she knows it, it’s time for Lynne to find out what tempting dishes the chef has whipped up in the dining room.

“Lunchtime is a very pleasant time spent catching up with fellow residents and enjoying the culinary creations of the chef,” enthuses Lynne. 

A hearty lunch is the main meal of the day, usually two courses with a hot main and dessert. There’s also a choice of drinks, including a glass of wine, and tea or coffee to finish.

After the midday meal, Lynne contemplates her afternoon activities. Some days she enjoys reading or relaxing – but not today!

A busy afternoon

First stop this afternoon is the friendly onsite hairdresser for a trim and blow dry. It's nice to catch up with the ladies in the salon and enjoy some pampering!

The village houses consulting rooms for the visiting doctor, physiotherapist or podiatrist, for easy appointments and regular checkups. There’s also a beauty therapist available for manicures or a facial – something for next week perhaps.

On some afternoons, Lynne will spend time doing her personal laundry, drying, and ironing in the communal laundry room.

“Detergent is programmed into the washing machines, so laundry day is a breeze! But, if you’d like to have all your laundry done for you that can be arranged for an additional fee,” she explains.

Today though, Lynne is off to enjoy the afternoon’s entertainment: a visiting group of performers are presenting a lively concert in the community centre. There’s always something on to entertain and delight!

As the sun sets…

“Mealtime again!” laughs Lynne.
“We’ll head back to the dining room for a lighter evening meal, but still the same pleasant interactions between residents. On a summer evening, you can relax as the sun sets, and in winter you draw the curtains and settle in to watch telly or spend time with friends.”

Soon it's time for Lynne to retire to her apartment for the night. As she settles into bed, she reflects on her day, looking forward to the possibilities that tomorrow will bring.

Find out more about Serviced Apartments or learn more about Fiddlers Green.

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