Keyton | Meet Project Manager Annabel Bone

Meet Project Manager Annabel Bone

Sunday, 07 January 2024

"It’s an industry that makes both my heart sing and brain work!"

As a Project Manager in the Resident Operations team, Annabel's job is extremely versatile. But coming from an investment background, she doesn't shy away from a challenge. 

We sat down with her to hear where she draws her motivation from, what her everyday responsibilities are, and where she sees herself in 10 years' time.

Where did you develop a passion for the retirement living sector?

I have always been someone who gets joy from helping those around me. When an opportunity arose to join the retirement living sector, I knew it was going to be the right move. It’s an industry that makes both my heart sing and brain work! 

There’s the resident engagement side of things which is of course what I’m most passionate about, but it is a very attractive sector to be in. It’s rapidly growing with a huge wave of customers coming our way, all wanting quality services and retirement living options. Technology is also going to play a big part in the future of the customer experience and opens up great opportunities for health, wellbeing, services and engagement.

It’s an industry that makes both my heart sing and brain work! 

What exactly is your role?

I’m a Project Manager in the Resident Operations team at Keyton. I work alongside a dedicated team to deliver national resident engagement initiatives across the country. These initiatives provide a diverse range of opportunities for residents to engage with us. 

Some provide a platform for residents to showcase incredible talent or to be recognised for their contribution throughout their lives. Other initiatives leverage technology to help residents stay connected to their communities and other villages across the country. We are also passionate about initiatives that invest in resident’s hobbies, helping them to stay engaged and joyful in their retirement.

What are your aims in your career and role?

In my role, my focus is around optimising engagement opportunities, developing measures for success and improving processes so that our team has capacity to do more for our customers. 

I’m so fortunate to be really happy in a job I absolutely love, it’s a nice place to be and I hope my career continues to follow this path.

Who is your mentor?

I am lucky to have worked for very inspiring people throughout my career. My manager Tamara Rasmussen, Head of Resident Operations, has been a great mentor and always leads by example which resonates with me. 

She has given me opportunity, guidance and feedback to help me thrive in my role. You never forget the way someone makes you feel and I try to model that.

Could you tell us one thing no-one knows about you?

I must admit that I’m totally awkward when it comes to questions like this! I grew up in the city but have always loved equestrian and the country. 

Although it’s not exactly country, I live on 40 acres with my husband, Tim, and three young boys. My love of animals saw me rescuing a few pet pigs and horses – so when I’m not in heels, I’m in gum boots!

...when I’m not in heels, I’m in gum boots!

Where do you see the sector in 10 years’ time and why?

It’s going to be an exciting 10 years ahead, we have an ageing population, increasing development pipelines, changing customers’ expectations, significant improvements to health and home technology, a focus on home care and providing older Australians with options as they age. 

All of this presents a great opportunity for growth in the sector and I think we are going to see some fantastic outcomes, in particular, for the customer.

For more information about the lifestyle and support offered at our retirement villages, call our customer service team on 1800 550 550.

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