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Residents have a say in village life

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Buying a retirement home means investing in a vibrant village lifestyle led by resident needs and community involvement.

Living in a retirement village means being part of a community of like-minded people.

 It means making social connections in a supportive environment. And because all villages are unique, we invite our residents to have their say in creating the kind of community that works for them. 

Tailored services to suit community needs

Our villages provide services, facilities and activities to help residents live active and happy lives. And we invite our residents to have their say about what services and facilities they want. 

Each village has a unique schedule of activities and events for residents to get involved in. These might include yoga, gentle movement, circuit, walking groups, cycling groups, social groups, or excursions.

From social activities and groups to health and wellness initiatives, we tailor services to suit the needs of each community. 

Here are some examples of our residents contributing to the lifestyle of their retirement community.

Teaching art at Coastal Waters

When award-winning artist Diana moved to Coastal Waters, she continued her art practice and began teaching classes in the village. Diana says painting is a meditation with tremendous rewards. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with fellow residents of Coastal Waters. 

Read more about Diana.

Storage and support at Lakeside Retirement Village

When Dorothy and Bruce started the welfare group at Lakeside Retirement Village, residents were happy to join in and volunteer. Formed to help neighbours recovering from illness and injury, the group offers support and free use of hospital equipment. Village management happily pitched in by building a storage room for the equipment to help the welfare group deliver on its mission. 

Read more about the welfare group.

Fun and fitness at Elliot Gardens

An active retirement was a must for Alan and Jan, whose previous achievements include walking 315 km across England at 62. When the gym instructor at Elliot Gardens left, Alan and Jane decided to take up the torch. They started running weekly circuit classes for fellow residents to enjoy. With interest from other Elliot Gardens residents, Alan and Jan’s gym sessions have become an integral part of the village program.

Read more about Alan and Jan’s gym sessions at Elliot Gardens.

Community centre consultation at Buderim Gardens

The community centre or clubhouse is the heart of any retirement village. So when planning the new community centre at Buderim Gardens, resident input was essential. The new design reflected the needs of village residents to have a space fostering connection and collaboration.

Read more about the community centre at Buderim Gardens.

High satisfaction among residents

In a survey of our residents, we received advocacy rates that are above-industry standard, and very high satisfaction levels. These results show the positive living experiences our residents have. In fact, 4 out of 5 residents report being very satisfied with living in their village.The results of our resident satisfaction research. 4 out of 5 say, ‘I am very satisfied living in my village.’ Our resident advocacy rates are 52% higher than the nearest competitor. 9 out of 10 say, ‘Village life is meeting my expectations.’Residents are very satisfied with retirement village life. 

While we’re thrilled with our survey results, comments from our residents and the stories they share show us just how happy they are with village life.

‘It's a very special place. The people here have made us feel so welcome. It's just lovely. And it's not only the people who live here that are fabulous. The people who look after us are amazing, too.’

Rhonda, The Baytree by Ardency, NSW.

‘Our new lifestyle is great! We can take part in as many activities as we like. Or we can choose to do as we please. The flexibility of village life is wonderful.’ 

Ros, Elliot Gardens, SA.

‘The village provides such a sense of community… It’s a place where you can really connect with others.’

Lisa, The Grove Ngunnawal, ACT.

‘I’m so grateful that I'm in a village surrounded by staff and residents who genuinely care about me.’ 

Margaret, Goodwin Close, VIC.

With retirement living, you have endless social and wellbeing activities and easy access to thriving local communities. It’s not just a place to live, it’s a place to live the lifestyle you want.

For more information about the lifestyle and support offered at our retirement villages, call our customer service team on 1800 550 550

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