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Retirement villages: they’re not aged care!

Friday, 31 January 2020

Retirement villages aren’t aged care. They’re vibrant communities where people live active and independent lives in a neighbourhood of like-minded friends.

The main difference between aged care and retirement villages is the idea of independent living. Retirement homes are best for people who want independent living and the freedom of having their own home. Aged care facilities are best for people who can’t live independently and need ongoing care and support.

Whether retired or still working, retirement villages offer vibrant independent living. When you move to a retirement village, you get a ready-made community with fantastic facilities and activities. No wonder many residents wished they’d moved to their village sooner.

Differences between aged care and retirement villages 

Unlike aged care homes, retirement villages offer independent living and a vibrant, active and social retirement lifestyle. 

Retirement villageAged care facility
Lifestyle drivenNeeds driven
Independent livingCare-based living
Self-fundedAssessment for government subsidies
Support services optional Care services embedded
Eligible for all over 55sEligible by needs assessment
Live in an apartment or freestanding homeLive in a room
Governed by state legislation
Governed by federal legislation

Lifestyle driven 

Retirement villages provide an active and social community for people aged over 55. Villages often include facilities like gyms, pools, bowling greens, community centres, and more. Our vibrant communities host many group activities and events, and there are lots of ways to get involved with committees and resident groups. Of course, how much you do or don’t get involved is up to you. Residents have the freedom to choose the lifestyle that suits them, which includes having friends and family visit at any time they wish. When you live in a retirement village, you have all the options you could want to create the retirement lifestyle that best suits you. 

Independent living in your own home 

When you live in a retirement village, you’ll usually live in an apartment, freestanding home, or villa. Your home is yours, and you live independently, choosing to come and go as you please. You can join in the village activities or keep more to yourself. Retirement village living is about living life the way you want. 

Self-funded and not needs-assessed 

When you buy into a retirement village, you enter into a private contract and pay using your funds or superannuation. You’re not assessed for eligibility, and there are no federal government subsidies. Anyone over 55 can live in a retirement village. You don’t even have to be a retiree. 

Support services optional 

Retirement villages don’t offer round-the-clock care, but they do have access to optional services you might need as the years pass. Many villages will arrange for hairdressers, podiatrists and other care providers to visit on-site. And your village team link you to health and wellbeing providers in the local area. For help at home, you can arrange third-party services such as cleaners, in-home care and shopping or meal deliveries to come to your home. And if you want independent living with a little more day-to-day support, some villages offer serviced apartments that include daily meals and housekeeping. 

Governed by state legislation 

Private, not-for-profit or publicly listed companies can operate a retirement village. Each state or territory has its legislation governing the operation of retirement villages. Aged care facilities on the other hand are governed by Federal legislation. 

Low-maintenance, high-fun independent living 

In a retirement village, you’ll enjoy the benefits of independent living with built-in recreation, support, and peace of mind. 

It’s a life where you can continue doing what you want without worrying about the maintenance of a large family home. And friends and family are welcome to visit and stay over any time. 

If freedom, fun and a vibrant lifestyle are what you want for your retirement, a retirement village could be the perfect option for you. 

For more information about the lifestyle and support offered at our retirement villages, call our customer service team on 1800 550 550

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