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Sisters unite at Parkland Villas Booragoon

These sisters are spending more time together and loving village life as residents of the same retirement community.

Family relationships are invaluable, and the benefits of living close to our families only increase as we get older. For sisters Bernie Taylor, Claire Pope, Mary Martin, and Ann Freeman-Smith, being close has always been important. But it’s never been as easy as it is now.

As residents of Parkland Villas Booragoon, the sisters enjoy spending time together while soaking up the benefits of village life.  

One by one, the sisters moved to Parkland Villas Booragoon

It was the sense of connection and convenience, as well as the wide range of facilities, that first drew Claire and Bernie to explore the village.

‘The pool, the gardens, the way the villas are set up so we can live independently. It feels homey,’ said Claire. ‘I like cruises, and my son said to me, “Mum, you’ll feel like you’re on a cruise all the time!” And I do!’ she laughed.

While each sister is experiencing retirement living in their own way, all agree the village reflects the family values they cherish.

‘Everyone’s so friendly, and everyone talks to everyone,’ said Mary Martin, who moved in recently. ‘People are around all the time. It's so good.’

Parkland Villas Booragoon feels like one big family, fostering friendship and connection through activities, events, and welcoming spaces.

Bernie was the first sister to make the move

It was younger sister Bernie who chose to make the move first. She quickly decided she was ready to right-size her lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of village life.  

‘I was living on my own and had a few things happen in the house. It was time to move,’ said Bernie.

Bernie downsized to Parkland Villas Booragoon in February 2021. And she immediately found fun and friendship in abundance through the village’s calendar of social activities.  

‘There are so many things to join if you want to. It’s so much fun. I can’t fit any more in!’

‘There’s Rummikub on Sundays, Mondays is canasta, Tuesdays I do Tai Chi and pool. On Wednesday, it’s darts, and Thursday is table tennis. Friday is a rest day, but then we have happy hour in the evening, so it’s like a party!’ Bernie laughs.

Claire soon followed

Claire soon followed Bernie, moving to Parkland Villas Booragoon in December 2021, and her initial feeling was correct. Life in the village was just as good as being on a cruise!

‘I love it, I feel like I’m on holiday all the time,’ she said. 

Mary was reluctant at first

Unlike her sisters, Mary Martin was adamant she was never going to move to a retirement village. But living alone and with the mounting pressures of maintaining a family home and expansive garden, Mary’s children encouraged her to consider joining Claire and Bernie at the village. 

‘My daughter was here one day when we were all visiting, and she said it would be really good for me. So, I decided to do it,’ said Mary.

While downsizing has meant a lot of changes, Mary hasn’t looked back. She’s enjoying the convenience of retirement living.

‘If I want to go and do something, I do it, I don’t have to worry about anything!’ she said. ‘I’ve done lots of gardening, but if I can’t do it, then someone else will come and do it. You just have to ask.’

‘I’m looking forward to seeing my sisters more often and doing different things. It’s an adventure.’

Ann’s moving in soon and will keep working part-time

Ann Freeman-Smith is the last of her sisters to make the move to Parkland Villas Booragoon. She’ll be relocating as soon as her current home sells. 

‘I suppose you could say I felt a bit left out of all the fun,’ admitted Ann. ‘I’m looking forward to seeing my sisters more often and doing different things. It’s an adventure.’

Ann joins several fellow residents who continue to work part-time while living in the village. She’ll continue operating her bookkeeping business from her new village home.  

Lucy is sadly missed but never forgotten

The ladies’ fifth sister Lucy also enjoyed the lifestyle at Parkland Villas Booragoon. Sadly, Lucy passed away in early 2022 following an illness. The sisters agree Lucy’s time as a resident was a happy time for all the siblings, allowing them to spend more time together.

‘She was very happy here,’ said Claire. ‘It was perfect, she could come down in the lift from her apartment, and we enjoyed being together.’

Immeasurable moments of togetherness

At Parkland Villas Booragoon, this close-knit family has the opportunity to enjoy more quality time together. They’ve enjoyed morning cuppas, hosted extended family in the spacious facilities and joined social groups with other residents. For these sisters, village life has fostered their already strong connections and created immeasurable moments of togetherness.  

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