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Stylish new display home at Sherwin Rise

Thursday, 26 October 2023

At Keyton, retirement living is not only about independent living focused on a healthy lifestyle, but also about living in a home with stylish interiors. That’s why we have collaborated with Temple & Webster, leading furniture store in Australia, to create a stylish and practical interior space in our display home at Sherwin Rise. 

While choosing the furniture for the 2 bedroom plus study display home it was important to ensure the practicality and safety of the space. Here is a low-down on the carefully thought-out furniture pieces that were used to give the home a modern feel while keeping it comfortable.

Stylish and modern

The selection of furniture for the display home was inspired by a desire to create a soft contemporary ambience that exudes warmth and comfort. The natural parkland surroundings of Sherwin Rise inspired the colour palette of soft moss and rust tones for the home. The clean lines, organic curves, and a variety of textures chosen for the interiors create a harmonious living space that appeals to modern sensibilities while offering a sense of cosiness and relaxation. 

cosy living room The furniture ensures comfort, avoid sinking in and aid the ease of moving up out of the seat

Comfort and ease

The couch and armchairs have been selected for their seat height and firmness ensuring that they are comfortable yet firm to avoid sinking in and to aid the ease of moving up out of the seat.

The ergonomically designed dining chairs were chosen for comfort and style as well as practicality. The solid frame can withstand pressure on the arms for moving in and out, the weight is heavy enough to prevent toppling, yet not too heavy to ensure ease of movement.

The study that can be used as a bedroom The variety of textures chosen for the interiors creates a contemporary space

Great visual impact

To design a seamless and obstructed flow between the open-plan living and dining area, a rug in the lounge room effectively created a defined zone for the furniture, preventing it from feeling as though it's floating in the room. The furniture has been arranged in a way to ensure easy access and ample moving-around space for all.

Throughout the home, the wall art has been chosen as a focal point, guiding the eyes and encouraging exploration of the entire area. In the bedrooms, minimal furniture has been chosen to create a sense of serenity and comfort. The user-friendly layout aims to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring every corner of the space is both well-utilised and easy to navigate. The clutter-free placement of furniture encourages ease of movement and prevents bumping and trip hazards.

cosy bedroom The user-friendly layout aims to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics

Sherwin Rise offers architecturally designed 2, 2.5, 3 bedroom single level homes for low maintenance and comfort. Apart from its resort-style amenities and parklands, the Sherwin Rise retirement village offers amenities and activities that promote your health and wellbeing. Book a tour today to check the display apartment.

Learn more about Sherwin Rise, VIC

For more information about the lifestyle and support offered at our retirement villages, call our customer service team on 1800 550 550

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