Keyton | Embracing sustainability: The Annesley Bowral heat pump project

The Annesley Bowral heat pump project

Monday, 06 May 2024

The journey towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future is paved with innovative projects and forward-thinking strategies.

One such initiative is the heat pump project undertaken at Annesley Bowral.

How it started

Part of our broader sustainability strategy is to reduce the reliance on gas at our villages and moving to electrical systems. The pivot towards full electrification stems from the stark contrast between gas, a finite carbon-producing fossil fuel, and electricity, which holds the potential for 'clean' power through solar technology. With grid electricity in Australia comprising 18% clean sources and set to increase, the shift away from gas is a step towards reducing carbon footprints.

At Annesley Bowral, the existing gas hot water systems was nearing the end of its life, so this presented an excellent opportunity to explore electric alternatives. The choice fell on a heat pump hot water system, known for its energy efficiency – and with NSW Government Rebates in place, the project was also cost-effective to bring to life.

Planning for success

The project's planning phase stretched over six months and involved a rigorous process of understanding and applying for the rebate scheme, conducting audits and scheduling installations.

This phase was crucial in setting the groundwork for a smooth execution and ensuring the residents knew what was going on in their village. They were able to ask questions in open forum Q&A sessions and get to know the people involved in making the transition happen.

During a focused 3-week implementation period, the team, including 4EVA Energy and village tradespeople, worked diligently to remove the old gas systems, install the necessary electric infrastructure, and finally, set up the new heat pumps. Their hard work ensured a seamless transition with minimal disruption to the residents’ daily lives.

The impact and beyond

While direct feedback from residents on cost savings is yet to be collected, the predictions speak a clear language. By adopting these heat pumps, which operate approximately 75% more efficiently than traditional gas/electric hot water systems, the residents can expect significant reductions in their household costs associated with heating water – with drops ranging from 25% to 40% based on individual consumption.

But that’s not all. Additional numbers from energy efficiency company 4EVA Energy also show a significant reduction of carbon emissions:

  • Annual reduction of 82.57 tons of carbon emissions
  • Up to 75% decrease in energy consumption compared to the previous system
  • Annual conservation of 100,740 kWh of energy

The successful completion of these installations marks a significant milestone on Keyton’s sustainability journey. But our vision extends beyond Annesley Bowral, with similar projects already underway or planned in other villages, including Coastal Waters, Brentwood, Glenaeon and Ashton Gardens. These initiatives, while adapted to each village's unique requirements, share the common goal of harnessing energy efficient technologies.

Find out more about our vision for sustainable communities.

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