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The love generation

Tuesday, 14 February 2023

What’s the secret to ever-lasting love? Keyton Retirement Living Residents share their secrets.

Whether you’ve been married for two years or two decades, everyone knows relationships take a lot of work. Love may be a rollercoaster, but having a solid friendship and a respectful foundation is clearly essential to successfully riding the inevitable ups and downs of life together.

Residents from Henry Kendall Gardens and Brentwood Village recently shared their most treasured pearls of romantic wisdom, divulging the ways in which they’ve remained happy and in love across the decades. 

For Betty, 94, caring and sharing has been key to her long-term marriage. Walter, 96, says tolerance and consideration is the way to enduring bliss. Maz, 71, believes romance comes from being good to each other, while Lorraine, 78, chuckles, “Behave yourself.” 

Gail, 71, and Bill, 81, both believe that open and honest communication is essential in an enduring relationship, while Barry, 73, says being supportive will keep the fire burning. Gail, 73, believes in practising patience, and Pam, 81, values cooperation. 

John, 85, takes a happy wife, happy life approach, “Do as you’re told,” he says. For Roy, 90, it’s all about mutual joy. “Be with someone who makes you happy,” he shares.  

Amongst these residents are marriages spanning from 30 years (that’s a Pearl Anniversary) to an impressive 75-year Diamond Anniversary; a testament to the work, love and care they have put into their relationships. And one thing’s for sure, at Keyton, love is in the air, on Valentine’s Day—and every day!

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