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Top tips to decorate your apartment

Thursday, 07 December 2023

Home, sweet home! You may travel around the world, but the one place you find comfort in is your home. Making it comfortably cosy, effortlessly organised and naturally elegant needs a little spark of inspiration, and you are ready to transform your extravagant apartment into a luxurious home. At Ardency Kennedy Place, we held an exclusive Masterclass event by Coco Republic to provide invaluable tips on how to turn your premium residences into tastefully done homes.

Expanding your living space

Moving from a family home to an apartment can mean you are used to a spacious home and abundant storage. Addressing this point, Rohan Smith, senior interior designer at Coco Republic, shared ideas on making the most of your apartment spaces. He discussed the use of multi-functional furniture to help maintain an organised space. These solutions include: 

  • Foldable pet beds 
  • Modular storage systems, such as tables, trunks, baskets, 
  • Sofa beds and ottomans
  • Wall storages 
  • Benches with hidden compartments

All of these can help maximise storage space while embracing minimalism.

Moving from a family home to an apartment can mean you are used to a spacious home and abundant storage.

a display apartment The display apartment at Ardency Kennedy Place makes perfect use of the space

Showcasing uniqueness

For those who love to collect travel souvenirs and special trinkets with sentimental value, Rohan shows ways to display these invaluable items to add a personal touch to your space. Bookshelves, study nooks, entertainment unit edges, coffee tables, or console tables serve as great display spots to tell a story and add character to your home. He also spoke of brightening corners with vases, planters, and lamps. Wallpapers with a selection of designs, colours, textures, and patterns can add that distinct element that would be unique to your home.

Display your travel souvenirs and special trinkets with sentimental value to add a personal touch to your space.

AKP brochure The audience applauding after the presentation

Integration of colours

While Coco Republic's offerings primarily feature a neutral colour palette, the Masterclass highlighted the effective use of pops of colour through wallpapers, cushions, decor pieces, or wall art. When asked by one of the audience members how to use bright colours as a primary theme for the homes, he suggested, "Use of colours is subjective to each person, and we do offer a range of bespoke colour options if you wish to have a specific shade of sofa or a rug instead of a neutral one."

The Masterclass emphasised the importance of sturdy and stable furniture that offers comfortable support for sitting and getting up.

The display apartments

Attendees were impressed by the display apartment, providing tips into how Coco Republic furniture and decor items can infuse personality into the luxurious apartments, turning them into homes. Margaret, one of the attendees, expressed, 'The masterclass was interesting, and I found the furniture perfect for the apartments at Ardency Kennedy Place. I particularly adored the pots and coffee tables.'

Learn more about Ardency Kennedy Place.

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