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Your guide to timeless winter fashion

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Want to look and feel fab this winter? Read our tips on timeless style and looking your best at any age from stylist Kathryn Edmonds.

Ageing gracefully means something different than it once did. Your 60s, 70s and beyond can be the most exciting years of your life. And fashion choices are more experimental too!

Embracing the skin you're in opens up a whole new world of opportunities to have fun with fashion. And you’ll love experimenting with a multitude of prints, cuts and fabrics that you may not have considered until now. 

Brisbane-based stylist shares her tips for a stylish winter 

As we know, the winter months can be challenging to dress for. But Brisbane-based stylist Kathryn Edmonds has a few tips that can help you look and feel your best during the cooler months. 

One thing she likes to do is add luxurious fabrics, jewel tones and layering to outfits for an effortlessly stylish ensemble. 

‘The one thing that always rings true is that inner confidence is the best form of style. So wear the pieces that make you feel like the best version of yourself,’ Kathryn said. You can create countless winter looks by combining your wardrobe staples with current seasonal trends. And each look will be timeless, stylish and inherently 'you'.

Top tip: wear pieces that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Luxe fabrication

Kathryn says you can keep your winter wardrobe fresh, polished and up-to-date by opting for a more luxe finish to your garment fabrics. 

‘By doing this, you automatically elevate your overall appearance simply by the way certain fabrics drape, fall and sit on the body. A luxurious silk blouse will have a high-end appeal when worn with classic denim jeans or a skirt. To finish off your look with style and sophistication, try adding a traditional cashmere scarf.’ 

Top tip: wear garments with luxe finishes and fabrics.

Gem tones

Jewel hues are wonderful in winter. ‘In the cooler months, it's always nice to reflect the warmer colour palette in our clothes and accessories.’ ‘Rich gem and jewel tones evoke a regal and sophisticated vibe, adding depth and character to your overall look. Deep emerald greens, merlot reds and tawny russet and toast shades will infuse your outfit with energy and vitality,’ said Kathryn.

Top tip: accessorise with rich gem tones like deep emerald greens and tawny russets.

Layering your look 

‘Layering your look is the perfect way to add interest to a winter outfit,’ says Kathryn. She recommends playing around with proportions and mixing fabric textures together. She also suggests introducing colours and playful prints. 

‘The long line, sleeveless vest in a soft wool blend or cashmere is lovely in autumn and winter. It’s the perfect item to layer over the top of a lightweight sweater knit,’ she said. 

Top tip: Layer your outfit and mix fabrics for texture and interest.

Discover more of Kathryn's fashion tips on Instagram @kathrynedmondstylist

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