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You’ve always got a friend in retirement living

Monday, 05 October 2020

Moving to a new community can be scary. But with welcoming neighbours, helpful staff and an endless list of social activities, making new friends is easy.

When Rhonda and Terence made the move to retirement living, they found a welcoming and social place. And they immediately felt comfortable among ‘a great group of people’.

From Friday night happy hour to a mischievous moggy called Wendy, they’ve made many new friends since their big move. We spoke to them about life at The Baytree by Ardency.

A special place with helpful staff and respectful neighbours

When we moved here, we found it to be a very social place. There’s happy hour on Friday nights which is a great way to meet people and catch up. 

After drinks, a lot of us stay at the restaurant for dinner. The food is great, and so is the service. I still cook some evenings, but we go to the restaurant at least a couple of nights a week. 

It's a very special place. The people here have made us feel so welcome. It's just lovely. And it's not only the people who live here that are fabulous. The people who look after us are amazing, too. 

Lois, the gardener, has a young team of helpers who do a brilliant job. I still enjoy gardening on my balcony, but Lois actually gave me a little area next to the BBQ for me to grow herbs. They’re doing really well. People in the resort help themselves, but they're always very respectful and don't take too much.

Rhonda and Terance sit in their bright modern apartment at The Baytree by Ardency.Rhonda and Terence felt welcome as soon as they arrived in their new home.

Wendy the cat is welcome, too!

My cat Wendy is a real character. Everybody knows her. One day I had the whole place in lockdown because we couldn't find her. Everyone was out in the streets. After being out looking for her everywhere, I was in tears. Then Terence said, 'Come and have a look in here.' She was curled up in a cupboard that I'd closed earlier in the day! 

Wendy has a lovely time out visiting around the neighbourhood. I've said to everyone, ‘I'm happy for you to have her, just ring and let me know she's with you, so I don't worry.’

"It’s a very special place. The people have made us feel so welcome. It’s just lovely."

Finding our feet in retirement living

We moved here after Terence had some health issues and was in St Vincent's Hospital, where he used to be a surgeon. While he was there, I sold our house in Longueville (just 10 minutes away) and bought the apartment here in The Bay Tree by Ardency

I brought him home, and we felt comfortable immediately. Terence would have had no quality of life at home, so it was a great choice for us.

He's really found his feet here. He likes the conversations he has with other residents. Everybody is so interesting! And he can take his walker and go up and meet friends. Everyone looks out for each other.

Keeping busy and looking out for each other

We are so busy all the time. There are terrific outings that you can go on from the resort. They have buses that take you to all sorts of places. It's really wonderful. There's even a theatre here, with great movies.

I like keeping busy because my early life was always quite busy with my sport. I used to be an elite athlete. Even though I used to do a lot of swimming, and there's a pool here, we don't swim any more. Instead, I've talked Terence into running - in the pool! I'm doing it with him. It strengthens your legs and arms because you're pulling yourself through. He loves it.

It's such a great group of people here. We look after those who are in need or those who are sick. If word gets out that somebody's in trouble or needs something, we all pull together.

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