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Sunrise Beach Village - Project update

Keyton has been appointed by BlueCare to deliver Sunrise Beach Village, the retirement village that will form part of a new integrated independent living retirement and residential aged care precinct. We are developing and will operate the retirement village on behalf of BlueCare.

Located right next door to local amenities and services, the 4.7 hectare village will offer 122 high-quality, spacious homes. A mix of two and three-bedroom apartments and villas will be available, as well as lifestyle facilities including a pool, community clubhouse and gym. 

Alongside construction, we're undertaking an extensive rehabilitation program at a nearby nature refuge. We're also proud to be partnering on a range of community initiatives to help foster sustainability, connection and wellbeing for both the local area and our future residents.

Artist impression of aerial view of Sunrise Beach Village Artist's impression of Sunrise Beach Village

Construction update

Excavator performing civil works onsite

We recently reached an exciting milestone for Sunrise Beach Village when we welcomed our builder, Balmain & Co, onsite! Building works are expected to commence in early April. Initial construction activity will involve the building of sales and display suites at the northeast end of the site.

We expect full construction of the first stage of the village to commence in mid-2024. This first stage will feature the village's central facilities, collocated apartments and the initial release of our villas. 

Ongoing civil works also remain on track for completion mid-year. 

Excavator performing civil works onsite
Sunrise Beach rehabilitation site hand planting she oak

Rehabilitation journey

Sunrise Beach rehabilitation site hand planting she oak

Alongside BlueCare we’ve undertaken a $2 million rehabilitation program to mitigate the effects of tree removal as part of the development. Rehab has a specific focus on she-oaks, the preferred feed trees of glossy black cockatoos. 

On a site at nearby Girraween Nature Refuge we’ve converted three hectares of degraded land into what will be protected, high-quality bushland. We’ve planted around one thousand she-oaks and hundreds of other natives that will be proactively cared for into the future.

Our experienced restoration ecologist and rehabilitation contractor inspect the site regularly, keeping an eye on progress and making changes wherever needed. 

Our March inspection showed strong progress with minimal evidence of weeds and impressive seedling germination from final planting in November 2023. Those plants put in the ground a year earlier continue to impress with the extent of their growth and the species diversity.

More on our rehab journey in the video below. 

video thumbnail

Australian Native Plant Program

Three women holding plant seedlings in pots

Since 2021 we’ve been working with local bush care groups, schools, businesses, charities and community members to plant more than 4,500 she-oaks and other natives in the local area. 

We have plans for many more over the coming years, as well as investing in education programs and research. 

Three women holding plant seedlings in pots
Rows of potted grasstrees in a compound

Grasstree gap year

Rows of potted grasstrees in a compound

Grasstrees from the site will play an enduring role in the design of Sunrise Beach Village. 

We salvaged around 400 which are now being expertly cared for by our team.

With grasstrees only growing about 1cm a year, they won’t have much growth to show! 

We’re working hard to ensure we have as many healthy, happy trees as possible ready to head home when it’s time for final landscaping. 

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