Keyton | 7 tips for an active and healthy summer

7 tips for an active and healthy summer

Friday, 05 January 2024

Here are some practical tips to keep you happy, healthy and safely having #FunInTheSun.

Summer's here and it's the perfect time to enjoy all the good things it brings. Those long, sunny days are perfect for trying new things or enjoying old favorites. But, it's not just about having fun - it's also about keeping ourselves healthy and alert so we can make the most of every precious moment. And that's why we're diving into our seven best health and activity tips for summer. So, let's get to it!

1. Enjoy the outdoors

A senior man in summer clothes pushing his bike in a green setting

Embrace the radiance of summertime, where the sun provides longer days and more opportunities to enjoy time outside. Plan outdoor activities during the light filled mornings and evenings to avoid the heat during the day.  

You may choose to embrace:

  • A walk along unexplored paths

  • Gentle outdoor stretches

  • A moment to admire summer florals from a village bench

  • Exploring new parks, beaches, or coffee shops 

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2. Be sun smart

A man wearing a sun hat sitting by a pool with his legs in the water

As you venture into the sun, remember that the summer heat can be gruelling without proper preparation. Honour your bodies need for rest with:

  • Regular breaks in the cool of fans, air conditioners, and shade

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

  • A wide-brimmed hat

  • Light long clothing

3. Stay hydrated

A woman sitting outside at a desk filled with sunflower pots drinking a cup of tea

Hydration is your trusty ally, especially under the summer sun. Be sure to quench your thirst with water throughout the day, and elevate your water-drinking game with:

  • A glass upon waking

  • Fruit or lemon juice infused water

  • A refillable bottle

  • Iced herbal teas

  • Fresh summer produce

Try out peppermint and chamomile iced herbal tea to help soothe stress and tension, promote alertness and memory, and support digestive health.

4. Stay cool

A woman holding a dog on her arm and standing in front of a hedge next to a bike

Make sure your home or living space is adequately cooled. If there’s no air conditioning, consider spending time in air-conditioned shopping malls and enjoy people watching.

And remember: pets feel the heat too! Take them on walks early in the morning or at night and ensure they are not left outdoor in the sun for too long. Also, make sure they are well hydrated, and their water bowl is away from direct sunlight. 

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Wear breathable shoes

Find shoes that are light weight and breathable but still provide adequate support. Whilst thongs are easy, they don’t provide the best support when worn over long periods of time.

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5. Relish in summer produce

A woman handing a charcuterie board with cheese and grapes to another woman

Another summer perk is the mouthwatering produce. Bursting with flavour and sustenance, seasonal foods boast higher nutritional value, lower environmental load, and are easier on our wallets. Watermelon, mango, berries, stoned fruit, zucchinis, cucumbers, and asparagus are all in-season.

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6. Prioritise social health

A group of women standing in the ocean and holding hands

As the season flows into Autumn, your inner world deserves a refresh too. Prioritise connections that uplift your spirit: nurture friendships, laugh with loved ones, and spread kindness to your neighbours. 

You may choose to enjoy:

  • Get-togethers

  • Phone calls

  • Day trips

  • Letter writing 

Buddy up

Buddy up with a friend or neighbour during summer to check in on each other. Heat stress, dehydration and dizziness are all effects of very hot weather, and it is important to be in touch with other people to keep ourselves and others safe during a heatwave.

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Share your travel plans

If you are travelling, let your family, friends and neighbours know. Consider sharing your travel itinerary, so they know when to expect you home.

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7. Recharge with mindful practices

Three women doing yoga in a park

The journey to revitalisation doesn’t end there; embrace mindful practices that can recharge your seasonal experience. 

Some examples include:

  • Meditation and stillness: Cultivates serenity

  • Tai Chi and yoga: Restore harmony

  • Journaling: Helps untangle your thoughts

  • Reading: Offers realms of imagination and joy

Enjoy morning mindfulness walks

Make the most of the extended summer daylight before the heat kicks in and set off on a morning mindfulness walk. While you’re out enjoying the fresh air, stop and take moments to observe everything you can smell (flowers, freshly cut grass, sunscreen), hear (birds chirping, leaves rustling) and see (blue sky, colourful plants, animals).

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Reset and refresh in the new year

The summer month is the start of the New Year. The New year gives opportunity to reset, refresh and prioritise what’s important to you. You could consider making a personal or family vision board to highlight goals and aspirations for the year ahead. The vision board can also include pictures that bring you joy and gratitude.

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