Keyton | What it costs to live in a Keyton retirement village

What it costs to live in a Keyton retirement village

Discover retirement village costs at Keyton. Transparent contracts, change of mind guarantee, and simple processes for a confident retirement choice.

Your retirement is like stepping into a whole new adventure, where you get to call the shots and live life on your own terms. Nothing should stand in the way of your dream retirement – especially not confusing costs.  

At Keyton, we’re all about being open and upfront! There are no sneaky hidden costs of retirement living, just clear options to help you stroll into your dream retirement lifestyle with confidence. 

The burning question we get asked a lot is: How much does a retirement village cost? Well, it does depend on the village, but here at Keyton our range of contract options mean you can choose a plan that works best for you. Let’s explore the costs of retirement village living: 

Refundable reservation fee 

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First up – reserving your home! Securing your home has never been easier with our fully refundable $1,000 reservation fee. It’s a simple, straightforward process, meaning you can take the first step towards your retirement without hefty upfront costs.

Transparent contract options 

We’ve got a variety of contract options that are made to fit your lifestyle without breaking the bank. It's like choosing your favourite flavour of ice cream, but for homes! So, let's dive in and find the perfect scoop for you with our five contract options: 

Please note: Some villages do not offer all five contract options. Speak to the relevant sales manager about which contract options are offered at each village. The descriptions above do not include all fees and charges payable under the contract type. 

Explore more about the contract options by reviewing our contract page.

Change of Mind Guarantee 

We've all been in that spot, haven't we? You know, the moment when you think, "Hmm, maybe I want something different,” and that’s ok! Our Change of Mind Guarantee is here for exactly those times.* 

If, within your initial 6 months, you decide retirement living isn't the right fit, you can terminate your contract. We guarantee a full refund, free from DMF charges, refurbishment, and selling costs. Your only expenses will be fair market rent, monthly service fees, and repair costs for any damage beyond normal wear and tear.  

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a legislative cooling-off period lasting three to 15 days, depending on your state, so you can be confident you’ve selected the perfect village for you. 

*The Change of Mind Guarantee applies only to DMF and Prepaid Plan contracts.

Ongoing living expenses 

Aerial shot of the Noosa Outlook retirement village

To keep your village running smoothly, there's an ongoing monthly service fee. It covers all the nitty-gritty, so you can focus on enjoying resort-style amenities, beautiful gardens, and friendly community spaces. 

Service fees cover the day-to-day running costs and general upkeep of our villages. They might include things like council rates, utilities, security, gardening, insurance, fire safety, and garbage disposal, to name a few! 

We don’t profit from these fees; they’re there to ensure a worry-free lifestyle, where you’ll have everything you need at your doorstep. Read through understanding monthly services fees for a breakdown of average retirement village costs per month. 

Independent living, independent costs 

Our villages are all about doing things your way with the support of a likeminded community! You generally have the freedom to handle your day to day living expenses like electricity, water, gas, and internet costs. Plus, if you ever need extra help, we can connect you with various Home Care service providers so you can have access to helpful support as your needs change. Or maybe, one of our Serviced Apartments are the right fit!

Find out more about Serviced Apartments.

Ownership of your home 

When you buy into one of our retirement villages, typically we own both the land and homes. But don't worry, you get the keys to your castle through a lease which gives you exclusive possession of your home. Just pick the ownership style that takes your fancy! 

Whether it's a lease, purple title, or strata title will vary depending on the state you live in and the village you choose, and for more insights on ownership, explore our article or have a chat with the Sales Manager at the specific village you're considering for your move. 

Selling your home 

When you leave one of our villages, the exit entitlement and associated costs will vary depending on your chosen contract option. You can even opt for a stress-free exit with a guaranteed buyback.* 

For a detailed breakdown of costs associated with departing the village, take a read through our article on selling your home.

*This applies to select contract types only.

It all starts with a chat

A couple speaking to a sales manager about retirement living costs

We’d love to hear from you! Think of our team as your retirement guides, ready to answer questions and help you through your options. Once you’ve selected your preferred village location we can provide you with a Village Fact Sheet with information on costs and ownership specific to the village and the state you live in.    

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to book a personalised tour to get a feel for your future home. Simply call our customer service team on 1800 550 550 or send us an email here.

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