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The Keyton Retirement Living Lifestyle Report

A comprehensive report on the wellbeing of Australia's retirees.

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What’s important to Australian retirees

We listened to 4,500 retirees to find out what's important to them when it comes to a fulfilling life experience. 

Keyton residents are enjoying busy, healthy lives

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Arthur is rocking retirement

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"It's about enjoying ourselves, learning new skills, having fun and giving enjoyment to others."

Arthur Tucker has been playing guitar and bass in bands since 1960, and now he shares his passion for music with the whole village. His band Smith Avenue has become the Townsend Park’s exclusive house band with a set list of over 300 songs.

“We are happily revisiting our youth as are our fellow residents as they dance the night away,” says Arthur.

Apart from the rock band’s regular gigs, Arthur loves the village’s sense of community, friendships, safety, and security of living in Townsend Park.

Kate and Bert are social butterflies

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“There’s everything you can think of, you name it, we’ve got it here!”

Kate and Bert have been married for more than 60 years and have three adult children together. Their kids wanted to know that their parents would be well looked after, so they fully embraced Kate and Bert’s decision to call Classic Residences their new home.

Social butterflies at heart, the couple has fully embraced the bustling community. Kate’s taken up pool and dabbles in craft and croquet, while Bert loves darts (and wine!) and plays each week.

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Cruising through life's adventures

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"It’s a fantastic community to live in with a thriving social life."

For John and Marion life is full of adventure. Independently they made the decision to move to Keyton’s Rochford Place. Both are super social and have enjoyed the community and social life with once a month dinners, Friday night raffles and exercise classes that bring a group together each week.

The couple met in the village in 2022 and tied the knot last June, finding love was an unexpected bonus of moving to a retirement village. To celebrate, they took a cruise to Port Douglas with 24 of their closest friends from the village, an adventure and celebration they say marked the beginning of their new life together.

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